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How to Tell a Story?


Stories are attention grabbing and help us visualize the characters as we read or listen. Storytelling is an art that one can master if his/her narration is strong. People enjoy listening to stories, but when it comes to storytelling, not everyone is comfortable with it.To make everyone acquainted with storytelling process, we have listed down some guidelines.

Story Telling

5 Tips to keep in mind while storytelling:

1. Grab the attention of your audience

This step is essential in the beginning phase of the storytelling. Before starting the story, you should always grab the attention of your audience by saying something or asking something which is unusual.

Example: Hello, Good Evening or the words like ‘That reminds me, once upon a time’,"Do you know....?" etc.

2. Build the scene and engage your audience

Human beings are naturally gifted with a strong power of visualization and imagination. So when you tell the story, try to build a scene and make them imagine thereby engaging them. Listener should feel that they are the part of this story.

3. Keep a story in a logical order

This step is included in the phase of continuation of a story.It is very essential to maintain a good track of your story to keep it effective for listeners. If the story is in a chronological order, then continue the same. If there is suspense in the story, then build it till the end. Also control your expressions according to the situation.

Example: Then, now, after that, next, etc.

4. Build tension and release tension

Building and releasing tension in a story is included during the phase of interruptions or adding new elements to the story.Telling a story in a straight forward format doesn’t maintain the interest of listener. There should be an interesting climax in between. This will definitely catch the mind of listener and it will remain the same up to the end of the story.You can use below words to build the tension.

Example: Suddenly, Unexpectedly, etc.

5. Conclude the story

After completion of the actual story, audience always expects a good conclusion. It might be a moral, sad or happy end of the story.Make sure you end the story in a proper way or else they will lose interest. Whatever may be the end of the story the audience should be convinced by the storyteller.

Example: Finally, Lastly, Eventually, etc.

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- By Chander Madan

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