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Tips to become an advanced English speaker


You have mastered the intermediate level of English and want to cross the final barrier of becoming an advanced English speaker. Your confidence level is already high because of your achievements and you want to use the momentum to become a fluent English speaker. Use the knowledge gained to refine your English. To become an advanced English speaker, you should try to solve grammar and vocabulary problems on your own without any assistance. The below tips are meant to put you on the road to advanced English speaking

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Seven Tips to become an advanced English speaker:

1. English Channels

Enjoy English channels, especially news related, as you advance in your English skills. When you encounter words, you can make a note of it on a paper and later research what the word means. Watching English television will keep you updated with current affairs and make you more knowledgeable. You can get information about different cultures and people from different countries.

2. No subtitles

Subtitles help people to understand what a foreign movie or video is all about. However, since you have passed beginner and intermediate levels of English, you no longer need the help of subtitles. Try to understand the English dialogues all by yourself and turn watching movie into an interesting activity.

3. Read aloud

This tip applies to all levels of English fluency. Research conducted globally has shown that reading aloud commits the subject matter to memory and improves English vocabulary and spoken skills. To improve any language efficiency, reading aloud is the best way to go about it. It helps to develop a positive attitude towards English. You also get aware about how you sound while speaking and can strive to improve your conversation delivery.

4. Practice

The importance of practice increases as you try to master the English language. You can practice by blogging, writing short articles, keeping a daily journal, etc. You can get your materials checked by an expert friend or online teaching guide. Take an activity of your choice and practice regularly.

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5. Make use of an English dictionary

Even though you may be an expert in English, a dictionary is always handy. Make sure you use an English one instead of bilingual. You can find the different words spoken in varied contexts and their meanings.


1. Never desert your friends.
2. The desert is a very bad place.

As you increase your vocabulary database, words and their meanings will come to you automatically and people will soon start referring you as the 'walking dictionary'. In order to graduate from intermediate to advanced level, you need to substantially increase your pool of words and phrases.

6. Think in English

Your grasp over a language increases when you start framing thoughts in the chosen language. The same logic applies to English. Start thinking in English and convert those thoughts into sentences. You will find a drastic change in confidence and in English speaking.

7. Don't over focus on grammar

Grammar is the foundation of the English language, but don't be bogged down by rigid grammar rules. You want to speak the language fluently and it is okay to skip on a few rules.

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The above seven tips will help you be a relaxed and confident English speaker. Further, you can enhance to advanced level with the help of an online English teacher.

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- By Chander Madan

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