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DNA and Technology


Uses in Technology

Genetic Engineering

To purify and modify the characteristics of the DNA from organisms many methods have been developed. Some common methods are

dna_tech-1•    Restriction digestion
•    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
•    rDNA Technology ( Recombinant DNA Technology)

Biology and Biochemistry are fields which promote more research in the field of rDNA technology. Recombinant DNA is a man-made DNA sequence that has been assembled from other DNA sequences.

rDNA Technology

dna_tech-7In the recombinant technology the desired DNA would be inserted into the DNA of an organism and after multiplication it will have the characteristics of the inserted DNA. This modified DNA is called as recombinant DNA and this can be transformed into organisms in the form of plasmids or by using a viral vector. The recombinant DNA will modify the characteristics of the host organism and it is then termed as genetically modified organism.


The GM organismsdna_tech-8

The genetically modified organisms are (commonly called as GM organisms) can be used to produce some important medicinal products. It will be useful for the researches also. The production of the medicine the ‘recombinant proteins’ are the first successful recombinant product.

rDNA Technology used in medical research & agriculture.



Forensic scientists  are the people who work in the forensic researches. They extract the DNA from blood, semen, skin, saliva or hair  to find the victim of a crime or murder. By identifying the DNA from the sample they can easily find the victim in the major crimes like, murder, robbery and terrorism. This process is known as DNA profiling. It also named as "genetic fingerprinting".

DNA profiling:

In DNA profiling uses the comparison of DNA between people. Short tandem repeats and minisatellites are commonly compared between people.

This is a very reliable technique for identifying a matching DNA.

But if the scene is contaminated with DNA from several people the DNA profiling will be complicated and may lead to the failure of the process.

Suspected people may be requested to provide their DNA sample.  By obtaining the samples, perpetrators or victims may be identified. DNA profiling can also be used to identify victims of mass casualty incidents like airplane crashes.

With this technique identifying the rapist and proving the father or mother in some cases of children are also possible.


Biology and informatics are the basis of this bioinformatics. Collecting and interpreting the collected information for  further development and study are the key factors of bioinformatics. It involves the manipulation, data mining and searching DNA sequence data.

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