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Evolution and Darwin



Father of Evolution:

Charles Darwevo_darwin-1in is called the father of evolution. Darwin understood the theory of evolution along with other scientists. Darwin was a respected scientist.  He found out about the theory of evolution and wrote it in his book On The Origin of Species. Today science supports that what he wrote was true. His theory stated that diverse animals evolve from ancestors and evolutionary mechanism takes place by natural selection of species. His theories are called Darwinism, and it is classified in five groups   "evolution as such", common descent, gradualism, population speciation, and natural selection.

Charles Darwin and his famous Travel

During his study he
traveled in the ship called the HMS Beagle from 1831- 1836. He studied evolution in Galapagos Island. While in the islands, he researched various finches whose beaks were all highly adapted to their particular lifestyles. He hypothesized that some process had lead to such diversity and adaptation, and he was trying to find out the reasons behind it.

Natural Selection:

Survival of the fittest:

He explained the phenomenon of natural selection in various examples. He suggested that

  •     Individuals with various species show some variations among themselves, which are passed to the next generations.
  •     Every species produce more offspring than its environment can support.
  •     Because of the limited amount of space and food available there is a struggle for survival. 
  •     The struggle for existence results in “Survival of the fittest.” Those organisms, which are better adapted for survival and reproduction survive. There is thus a natural selection. Thus the survival of the fittest is a direct result of the selection and proliferation of only the organism which is more suitably adapted to the environment and most successful in mating.
  •     Organisms evolve gradually by natural selection and many others changes taking place over a long period of time.

Darwin explained the mechanism of evolution but could not explain anything about the origin of life.

Darwinism is not a simple theory which is either true or false but is rather a complex research program that is being continuously modified and improved.

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