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Hygiene and Signs of Vaginal disease


What is called as Vaginal Disease?


Sexual health and hygiene

No special treatment needed for the vagina. Because vagina has the self cleansing capability.

The practice of douching is not encouraged by Doctors worldwide. Vagina is colonized by a mutually symbiotic flora of microorganisms.

It protects from diseases. If this balance get disturbed many undesirable outcomes are possible. It results with yeast infection and abnormal discharge.

Lactic acid secretion by symbiotic microorganisms reduces the growth of many organisms. Gynecological exams help to find the vaginal infections



Vaginismus is the tightening of the vagina. It may happen because of conditioned reflex of the muscles in the area.

Vaginal penetration would be difficult in this condition. It will be a painful experience during sexual intercourse. Because the penetration of male penis will be difficult.  During the gynecological examinations the insertion of tampons will also be difficult because of vaginisms.

Signs of vaginal disease

Vaginal diseases present with

  1. lumps,
  2. discharge
  3. sores


If you find any unusual lumps in the wall or base of the vagina, understand that is abnormal. A cyst is formed by a blockage in glands. This gland normally supplies the opening of the vagina. It may show with swelling and cancer risks are very less.


Vaginal discharges during intercourse and release of blood during menstrual cycle are common. If the discharge is slightly white or greenish may leads to  gonorrhea like disease.


Break down in the walls of the fine membrane of the vaginal wall results with sores. Can be caused by rape, excessive rubbing from clothing or improper insertion of a sanitary tampon.

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