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How to apologize when you forget important dates?


In life, at some point or the other comes a time that needs you to apologize. It does get a little intimidating especially when it's to be extended in fluent English. So, what exactly is an apology? It is an expression of regret for something that you have done wrong. It is always difficult to apologize to someone, however, swallowing your pride and asking for forgiveness does solve numerous issues with barely any words. Let's take a look at three different situations that would call for an apology and how you should ideally put together an apology.

Situation #1- Mom's birthday

im sorrymom

Every year you make it a point to spend the day with your mom, however, this year you forgot her birthday and hence, didn't spend your day with her. She is extremely upset and doesn't really want to talk to you.

Zen- Hey Mom!

Mom- Hi. Tell me.

Zen- Happy belated birthday Ma...

Mom- Yes. Thank you.

Zen- I'm so sorry to have forgotten your birthday this year... Things are really entangled here and my mind is always so preoccupied that I managed to miss one of yours and my special days of the year.

Mom- What's more important than my birthday? Firstly, you didn't spend the day with me plus you forgot to wish me. You know how bad I actually felt?

Zen- I know Ma. Please beat me up for it when I drop in this evening. I am just catching my flight and will be there by six. Make sure to keep yourself free as a surprise awaits you. See you soon mom.

Mom- You evil elf! Get here soon and take me to a nice mother-son dinner. Love you and have a safe flight!

Situation #2- Parents' anniversary

im sorry

Your parents are out of the country for a holiday since a week and you forgot that it was their anniversary one of those days. You completely forget about their big day and remember just a few minutes before it ends.

Selena- Hi mum, hi dad!

Mum- Hey Sel. How are you?

Selena- I'm doing fine. I want to wish you and daddy a very happy anniversary! You guys are the best couple I have ever known and I am extremely sorry for wishing you this late.

Dad- I'm very angry with you Sel... We have just one daughter and she too forgot our anniversary! However, I must say we're having a great time here.

Selena- Ha-ha! Daddy, you and mum very well know how much I love you guys and this is the first time I actually forgot. I promise this will never happen again and I want you guys to be happy and loving for the rest of your life.

Parents- We love you too! Now hang up and let us go enjoy the rest of our romantic dinner. See you soon love.

Situation #3- Wife's Birthday

sorry mama

Your workplace has sent you on a tour and you're busy shuffling between client meets and your hotel room. Amidst all this, you've forgotten your wife's birthday. For obvious reasons she does not want to talk to you.

Rehan- Good Morning doll!

Pia- Good morning! How may I help you?

Rehan- Ha-ha! Someone's very miffed with me and she has all the right in the world to be.

Pia- What are you calling for?

Rehan- I'm sorry babe for missing out on your birthday. If I were you, I wouldn't have even spoken to you... But you're an angel who I've upset immensely. Please give me one chance and let me take you out on a dream date.

Pia- I will think about it and let you know.

Rehan- No problem sweetie... Take your own sweet time, for now... please open the door.

Pia- Ha-ha! You've come home? What a surprise! I love you and hate the fact that you forgot my birthday...

Rehan- Happy birthday love! Please forgive me; never again will I make such a foolish mistake. Now get dressed, there's a car down waiting for us.

There you have it. Three different situations to help you apologize keeping your English communication skills in top-notch quality. Nevertheless, always remember to handle such situations with modesty and guilt. You could improve your English vocabulary as that could help you put forth your genuine feelings in the best way possible.

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- By Chander Madan

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