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How to ask for directions and find your way in a foreign country?


The process of migration could be extremely stressful. The packing, the shifting, the immigration process, the new job, etc., all of which could put you through some rough times. However, after the hectic transferring, you may feel relieved and all enthusiastic to start your new life in a new place. Shifting between countries can put intense pressure on you and your family; hence, it would sound ideal to go on a brief break before resuming your work.

Preparing for your well-deserved, fun-filled day with family and friends could be exciting especially if you've never traveled to a foreign country before. Taking a trip nationally (in your own country) seems at ease as there is nothing to really worry about including the language barrier, the culture, etc. You as a citizen of the same country are well-acquainted with every bit. On the other hand, making plans for a short trip in an unknown country could need a little more responsibility and research to state the least.

The experience is overwhelming:

The landscape is different, the culture is dissimilar, the basic spoken language differs, etc. Even so, you can easily make your trip worthwhile and in the course get acquainted with a few rules, as this is the place you've decided to stay for sometime. At such times, you've got to make sure your English communication skills are in place, as maximum countries throughout the world understand and converse quite fluently in the English language.

The overwhelming experience of sightseeing, walking down new streets, meeting and greeting people with different backgrounds and ethnicity could be fun, but what when you've lost your way? Of course, you've got handy a local map to help you reach your desired destination, however, what when the map lets you down as well? How would you ask a foreigner to help you out with directions to a particular place on your itinerary with fluent English?

The below-mentioned samples should teach you exactly what you need to know:


Your family and you've reached Amsterdam on Friday. With a basket of cookies your neighbor comes by welcoming you to the vicinity. In a conversation he happens to mention a light festival taking place on the coming Sunday. You decide to buy four passes online and surprise your family by taking them to see something jaw dropping. The light festival is being held on the evening cruise at Amstel River. You're running late and get a little panicky about the time.

Asking the way:

You: "Hi, Could you please help me out with how to get to Amstel River?"

Localite: "It's a 20 minute drive from here. Hire a cab from the cab stand ahead and you're good to go."

You: "Great! But, we guys are running a little late for the light festival, we might miss our cruise... What is the quickest way of getting there according to you?"

Localite: "I would still reckon the cab, as the subway is at least 15 minutes from here and then the train journey would take you a minimum of another seven minutes to be precise."

You: "Thank you so much! One last question. Could you tell me where exactly are we right now?"

Localite: "Sure. You are at 'The Munt square'. Is this your first visit to Amsterdam?"

You: "Yes. That's evident, isn't it! (In a friendly manner). Well, thank you so much pal! You've been a great help indeed."

Localite: "No worries! It's all good bro. Have a great vacation here and I must tell you the light festival is an experience of a lifetime! Take care."

Exploring a city in a true backpacker style is extremely fun and rustic! Take the change of country in your stride and make your experience touch new heights.

A final tip:

Be sure to work on and polish your spoken English skills to ensure an ease in communication irrespective of which country you visit.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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