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How to be a good wedding host?


You are the best man at your friend's wedding and he has requested that you be the host for the main reception. A wedding is an important milestone in an individual's life and your friend wants everything to be perfect. This is the first time you are handling such a responsibility and you are nervous. While it is natural to feel the goose bumps, daily practice and keeping key things in mind will help you to enthrall the audience and keep the trust of your friend intact. Your English presentation skills should be up to the mark to make a great impact.

good wedding host

Things to remember when hosting a wedding reception:

1. Overall Management

The host may have the responsibility of ensuring that the arrangements and the function go smoothly without any hiccups. He should ensure that the payments are made promptly, the infrastructure and venue is set up, the cake is ready, etc. It is a very hectic job and make sure you give it your full attention to avoid an embarrassing situation later.

2. Dress appropriately

It is very important to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Dress smartly and you are sure to make a great impression. Dressing properly will boost your confidence levels for the responsibility.

3. Practice

Regularly practice hosting in the days leading to the event. Consistent practice will help you to manage your stage fear and give an outstanding hosting. Practice your English presentation skills in front of mirror or along with your friends. Your friends will thank you for keeping the program alive and your confident hosting skills.

Overall Management

Sample Wedding scripts

The below sample will show you how to go about hosting a wedding. Use it as a blueprint while drafting your customized scripts.

At the start of the ceremony:

"'Good evening ladies and gentleman, friends and loved ones, welcome to Namita and Sachin's nuptial Dinner Reception. My name is Raj, and I have been asked by our lovely groom, the former bachelor Sachin, to be your host tonight. They would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all of you for attending their nuptial celebrations tonight.'


Parents of the Bride:

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. Please be on your feet and put your hands together as we welcome the mother and father of the bride.  As you all know, the day your little girl gets married is the happiest day of your life for every parent and don't they look radiant in the glow of their happiness? Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Walia. You both look wonderful tonight.'

Parents of the Groom:

'And now, here come the parents of the groom, looking happy and proud. Please welcome Suresh and Sumitra Deshmukh with a big round of applause.

Dinner Announcement:

"Dinner will be served very soon, so we ask that everyone makes their way to their seats and make yourselves comfortable as we begin our celebrations."

Dress appropriately

The above sample shows how to begin hosting a great wedding reception. Use your fluency in spoken English skills to showcase what an orator you are. You can take the help of an online English teacher for practice and training.

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- By Shailja Varma

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