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How to cancel a spa appointment


Hello folks! How is your English speaking practice going? I am sure, our helpful tips and blogs have been benefitting you.

Our aim is to make spoken English fun to learn and easy to inculcate. English fluency is a necessity nowadays. Whether it is to get an official work done, or a casual conversation in a coffee shop, the English language has taken over everywhere. And you certainly cannot be left behind!

For a non-English speaker, or a vernacular medium student, speaking English in public can be a daunting thought, especially when you do not have enough practice. The fear of fumbling, wrong pronunciation and not being able to form sentences often act as a hindrance in practicing spoken English. What one needs to remember at such times is that there is only one way of improving spoken English, and that is practice.


Caption: One of the ways of practicing spoken English is to do so in front of the mirror.

Of course, one can also benefit from the online English speaking courses that allow you to learn and improve your English effectively.

In our series of learning English conversation, we bring to you yet another situation where you will need to converse in fluent English.

Conversation example

We all love to be pampered and there is nothing more relaxing than a massage at a spa! However, what if you need to cancel your spa appointment? How do you handle such a conversation? Let us help you out. The topic for today’s practice is ‘how to cancel a spa appointment.’

Whether you visit the spa personally, or wish to cancel it over the phone, this is how it can be done.

cancel appointment
Caption: Here is how you can communicate for cancelling your spa appointment

You: Hello, is this Renew Ayurveda Spa?

Spa’s executive: Yes, it is. How may I help you?

You: This is Rashmi here, and I need to cancel my massage appointment with your spa.

The executive: Can I have your phone number so that I can check the schedule?

You: Sure. It is 98********.

The executive: Thank you, give me a moment as I retrieve the details. Okay, Rashmi, you were scheduled for a hot stone massage on July 20 at 3:30 p.m. Is that right, ma’am?

You: Yes, that’s correct. I would like to cancel that appointment

The executive: Okay, ma’am. May I know the reason why you need to cancel it?

You: Some urgent work has come up on the same day, and I wouldn’t be able to make it to the appointment.

The executive: If you would like, I can reschedule you for some other day as per your convenience.

You: That’s very nice of you, but I would like to go make the cancellation. I would definitely make a new appointment as and when I get free.

The executive: That is alright ma’am. I will cancel your appointment. Thank you for calling.

You: Thank you.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Spoken English does not have to be difficult, nor is it necessary to use heavy and complex words. All you need is to practice to improve your English fluency and you are sorted!

Caption: English is easy and fun to learn, all you require is dedication and passion!

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- By Shailja Varma

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