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How to communicate in a service center?


Your phone’s reception is bad. Your water purifier needs servicing. The microwave oven you use is not working properly. Your internet connection is warped.

What do you do in all these and similar situations? The answer is obvious – call up the respective service center and lodge your grievance.


In this age of communication and globalization, a service center has become indispensable for any brand of product or service. It’s a win-win situation for both, the service provider as well as the customer as it gets the work done professionally and within a stipulated time.

I am sure, you have communicated in a service center a number of times. Though, they give you an option of selecting a language of your choice; as a spoken English student, you should always communicate in English. Take this as an opportunity for practicing your English fluency, and you can improve your English as you talk to a fluent English speaking customer care executive.

We understand that it is easy to say that you should communicate in English whenever you can, however, it is a whole different thing to actually do it. If you are a new English speaker, it will take you a lot of courage and confidence to actually communicate with another person. In such a situation, you can always turn to our conversational blogs that not only help you practice, but also help you talk your way through different situations.

Let’s see how you can communicate in a service center and come out with flying colors.


Conversation with a customer care representative:

Service center executive: Good morning. Thank you for calling Whirlcool. How may I help you?

You: Good morning. I need to lodge a complain regarding my oven. It isn’t heating properly.

Executive: I will definitely help you out, ma’am. Before that, can I have some information please?

You: Of course.

Executive: May I know your name and number?

You: It is Farhat Shaikh and the number is 9934235.

Executive: Thanks for the information. You have our 35 liter Whirlcool Auto Cook. Is that right?

You: Yes, that is correct.

Executive: You purchased it on 23 June from Target Sales, Vashi. Is that correct?

You: Yes, it is.

Executive: Could you tell me what issue are you facing with the machine?

You: It does not heat properly on the convection mode. I tried preheating it at different temperatures, and even used an oven thermometer to check the temperature. Even if I heat it at 180 degrees Celsius, it hardly reaches 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Executive: I am registering a complaint on your behalf. One of our technical engineers will soon visit you and check the issue. I am texting the complaint number to your registered mobile number.

You: Thank you. Please ensure that your engineer visits soon as I need to use the oven on a daily basis.

Executive: The engineer will contact you within the next 24 hours. Can I help you with anything else?

You: No, that should be all. Thank you.

Executive: Thank you for calling Whirlcool. Have a nice day.

This is how easy it becomes to communicate in a service center if you can speak English fluently.

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- By Chander Madan

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