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How to complain about your colleagues?


No matter what position you hold on the corporate ladder, fluent English speaking is a skill you cannot ignore. All the work, whether electronic or on paper, is done in  English language. Not just that, how would you communicate with your colleagues and your boss if you cannot even frame a proper English sentence?

Well, talking about the corporate ladder, there are many instances that come up in the office where you need to have a fluent English conversation. For instance, one of your team members has not been performing as is required of him, but still shares the credit for a work well done, how will you bring this to the notice of your boss or manager?


This is where you will have to put your spoken English skills to test. A conversation in fluent English will not only get the work done, but also help you impress your boss! Let us help you out.

Conversation example:

Situation: You are the team leader, and go to see your manager so that you can bring to his notice that one of your team members, Suresh, has been cutting corners when it comes to work.


You: Good Afternoon, sir. May I come in?

Manager: Of course, Nitya. Come, take a seat.

You: Thank you. Can you spare a few minutes or should I come around later if you are busy?

Manager: No, it’s fine. Tell me what brings you here?

You: I just needed to bring a few work related issues that have been bothering me.

Manager: Oh! Isn’t everything going alright? Your team’s performance has been commendable over the last few months!

You: Thanks for the appreciation, sir. Here’s the thing, the whole team has been giving their best at work, except for Suresh. I did not want to come to you behind his back with this issue, but I have been persistently telling him to improve his performance, but all of my words fall on his deaf ears.

Manager: What is the matter with him. I thought your team worked in tandem and every member was functioning the way they are supposed to.

You: Sir, my team is a dream team to work with. Every member helps out each other; and Suresh has been taking advantage of this. He never meets his target and his incomplete work falls on the shoulders of other team members. They have been helping him out for long, but Suresh needs to buck up.

Manager: You should have brought this to my notice earlier. A team has to work together, not just share credit for a work well done.

You: I did not want to bother you, nor did I want to complain about Suresh. I thought that he would pull up his socks after I warned him a few times, but he does not seem to care This attitude of his is affecting the whole team’s psyche.

Manager: Now that you have brought this to my notice, I will take it from here.

You: Thank you, sir. I will take your leave now.

Manager: Sure, and please send Suresh into my cabin.

Speak english

This is how you can communicate smoothly and easily using your spoken English skills!

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- By Chander Madan

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