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How to describe an interesting neighbor?


No one ever wishes for a nuisance neighbor, however, life without a neighbor, good or bad, is practically impossible. Whether you like your neighbor or not, building a light friendship is a must! Well, that's probably because, neighbors are like electricity; you wouldn't care much about until you don't have them. There are times when they need you; there are times when you need them. Nevertheless, there are some neighbors that you just can't get out of your head due to their unusual behavior or uncertain antics.

my neighbor

These are the neighbors you like to describe and speak about as they have had such an imprint on your life due to their interesting nature that you can't resist but describe them to your near and dear ones. (Probably over cocktails and dinner).

So, if you are unsure about your English communication skills yet want to be able to describe in basic English; take a look at an example that should clear your queries on 'How to describe an interesting neighbor' to your family and friends in fluent English.

Describing your neighbor:

When I used to live in North Carolina (USA), I had this next-door neighbor who was a little weird. Her name was Kelsey. She lived with her children and husband, however, hated to sit at home. As soon as she would notice people in our house have woken up, she would immediately ring the doorbell and invite herself over. Irrespective of whether it was morning or night, she just loved sitting around in our house. In fact, just to enter our place, most of the times, she would prepare hot cross buns, cookies, muffins, or something to munch on. A great cook with an unusual hobby of sitting in other people's house! We used to love the food she brought over, as it was really tasty and fresh, however, entertaining her day in and day out became quite a task after a point. Kelsey definitely was a hilarious yet interesting neighbor who is someone that I will remember throughout my life.

have cookies

The art of description:

Describing someone or something in English fluently could be a daunting task, especially when you're not too convinced about your spoken English communication skills. However, it isn't as difficult as you think it is... All you've got to do is learn English speaking by paying attention to the native English speakers. Doing this will help you develop a deeper understanding of the English language, making you more confident in socializing.

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If you really wish to improve your English speaking fluency, you could look up online for English speaking courses to help you perfect the language to your optimum. Besides, these courses offer more than you can expect; so what's the delay for? Grab your friends and enroll in an English learning course online to better your conversational skills and give you an edge above the rest, just as you like it!

Have fun learning and ensure to enjoy your spoken English journey!

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