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How to describe the store layout of your outlet?


It is the opening day of your new fashion boutique and you are guiding your chief guest on the overall layout of your store. How will you go about describing the layout of your new outlet to your esteemed guests? Are you confident enough to answer his questions in precise English? Proper and accurate description will ensure that your reputation and goodwill remain intact. Giving a grammatically correct description will display your professionalism and sophistication.

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Things to remember when describing the store layout of your outlet:

1. Give accurate description

You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of your guests. It is important to give an accurate description in fluent English. You can take the help of a layout map for a better description. Make sure the map is accurate and well lettered. You can accept the compliments with a polite 'thank you'.

2. Be brief

While describing your store layout, it is better to be brief. Too much explanation can take a lot of time and can be counterproductive. Your guests may get bored because of your lengthy narration. Being brief will also allow you to focus on the finer aspect of your store layout.

store layout in brief

Sample Conversation for describing your store layout

Situation: A world famous fashion designer is at your new fashion boutique for the opening ceremony. You take him on a guided tour.

Chief Guest: You have built this great outlet!

You: Thank you Sir.

Chief Guest: So tell me more about the layout.

You: My outlet is based on a simple but elegant design of a straight floor plan. As you can see from the map in your hands, the structure is made accordingly.

Chief Guest: That's nice! Tell me the details.

You: It's my honor to take you on a tour. As soon as you enter, the glass walls allow you to see the entire layout in one glance. On the left, is the bag section, where you can find latest bags designed by top artists. Straight ahead is the jewelry section, where you can see the fabulous and artistic jewelry designs.

Chief Guest: What's that on the right hand side?

You: That's the clothing section. It houses both gents and ladies section.

Chief Guest: Is every apparel available here?

You: Except for suits, rest everything is available here.

Chief Guest: Good. Is there a cafeteria in the store?

You: Yes, there is. You will find it on the right hand section on the last corner. Why don't we move there for some refreshments?

Chief Guest: Sounds like a great idea! However, I need to use the rest room. Where is it?

You: Sure. It's on the left hand side second block.


The above pointers and sample conversation will allow you to give a great description of your store to your valued guests. You can enhance your goodwill and reputation of your store by giving a great narration in fluent English. Increase your confidence by improving your spoken English. You can practice the dialogues with the help of a friend or an online English teacher.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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