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How to describe your best New Year party


New Year is one of the best and most exciting time of the year. Thanks to the ringing of bells, honking of horns, buzzing cheer of people, echoing music from houses and  restaurants. Everything just comes alive in New Year. So, when someone asks you as to how you celebrated  New Year's Day last year or which is the best New Year party you've ever experienced, how should you describe it in fluent English?

Well, fret not! The fun you have in a party can't exactly be put into words; however, you could play with the words well enough to make the experience sound exhilarating and thrilling. This is an article that will teach you how to describe your best New Year party experience in simple English.

The art of describing your best New Year party :

Situation- You're at a social event and amidst the conversation, someone happens to ask you about the most unique and evergreen New Year party you've ever been a part of. How would you describe it, keeping your English communication skills seamless and perfect?

Example- The best ever New Year party I've attended was at my friend's patio (terrace) last year. It was a grand celebration with expensive brews from all over the world. The place was lit up with yellow streams of lights running parallel to the boundary wall and the swimming pool had little floating candles spread across its widest diameter. The set up looked fascinating and majestic! There were amazing games organized that kept all of us well-occupied until midnight and right when the clock was about to strike 12, we released sky lanterns  followed by a firework display. The aura created by the well-lit place, the floating candles, the mouth-watering aromas of various delicacies, the feet thumping party music and the releasing of the sky lanterns will always be imprinted on my mind as the most  memorable New Year party of my life!

There you have it! A simple yet clear description of your favorite New Year party of all time. By using great adjectives and setting your tone right, you can recreate the entire experience for those who want to know. It is important for you to be realistic and not be carried away in your description.

Five Quick Tips:

1. When speaking about your best New Year party ever, make sure to be descriptive but not too detailed. Too much detailing could make your description boring and long.

2. Highlight the unique aspects of the party, making it sound interesting and stimulating.

3. Keep your spoken English skills at its best, as stumbling and stammering will make your description sound unpolished and uninteresting.

4. Remember, conversing in the English language requires you pay heed to the fact that what you speak should sound right!

5. You could also enroll in an English-speaking course online to maintain an underlying English speaking fluency..

Get your intonation right and enjoy reliving those moments while describing the experience to your friends and family!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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