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How to describe your gym/ training classes?


When you're curious about a particular restaurant, you intend on visiting, you tend to ask friends for recommendations, reviews, etc. Similarly, in the case of gyms; many people take a first-hand opinion from someone who has been there, used the services. So, what happens when one of your friends asks you about the gym you visit? Are you confident enough to describe your training session in fluent English? If not, here is an article that will give you the missing confidence to talk about and describe your gym.


Key points to use while describing your gym:

1. Location- It is vital for you to state the location of your gym, as that is one of the vital points.

2. Timings- Speak about the timing options available as that is a major concern for many who are interested in hitting the gym.

3. Instructors- They are the ones that help you exercise to the best of your ability and hence, talking about the instructors and quality of workout plays a vital role.

4. Cleanliness- It is a fact that a gym is a sweaty place, yet there is a level of cleanliness that is expected. Don't forget to mention how clean or unclean the gym you visit is.

5. Equipment- Talk about the popular machines as those are the ones that really matter. A well-equipped gym is always an attraction and therefore, if your gym is, you'd rather describe it!


Conversational Example of describing your gym:

Jason- Hey Rick. How's it going?

Rick- Great! Wow. You look muscular and fit. What's new?

Jason- Yes. I'm glad you noticed. I've been working for it since six long months.

Rick- Superb. Which gym do you go to?

Jason- Gold's gym. It's a well-acclaimed one, I'm sure you've heard about it!

Rick- Yes, of course, I have. But I'm not too acquainted with it. Tell me something about it; I've been planning on joining a fitness center for the past one month. You could probably help me out.

Jason- Definitely. So, this gym is located in sector-17, which is perfect since its right around the corner. The timings are ideal for working professionals as you can hit the gym any time between 6 am to 12 am. Plus, the instructors are a class apart. They've been in the industry for over ten years and assist you with building the body you want absolutely well. Besides that, newbies get an individual trainer for themselves to help them use the varied range of equipment Gold's has. There is everything from the most common equipment to the most unique one as well; which stands out for me.

Rick- Sounds really worth the enrollment. I just have one more clarification. What about the cleanliness? How good or bad is that?

Jason- Relax, bro. The gym is extremely clean and well-maintained. We have some top-notch people coming in on a daily basis plus this gym has won innumerable awards for all aspects in weights and training.

Rick- Count me in. I will see you tomorrow at whatever time you're going to have a trial run and probably enroll simultaneously.

Jason- Great. Give me a call.

look muscular and fit

There you have it! A simple conversation describing the gym in basic English. If you are under confident about your English communication skills even when you're conversing with your friends, understand the fact that you could do with some professional help. Make the decision and enroll in a spoken English class online to help improve your conversation skills and develop a confidence like never before.

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- By Chander Madan

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