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How to describe your traveling experience?


Traveling means giving yourself and your mind a break from the monotonous pattern of life, each one of us live day in and out. When you travel, you look forward to an iconic experience that makes your trip worthwhile and memorable. Everyone has one of those moments in the course of their trip that holds a special part in their entire travel experience. It could be the journey to the destination, the picturesque sightseeing, or the friendly people you meet on your way. However, what if the highlight of your travel was the train journey. So, when your friends ask you to describe your travelling experience by train, how would you answer it in fluent English?

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This is an article that will help polish your English communication skills as well as give you an idea of how to describe your traveling experience in well-spoken English.

Conversational Example of describing your train journey:

Jacob- Hey Janice! How was your trip? You had been to Goa lately, hadn't you?

Janice- Yes. I must say I had a ball. Goa was amazing; however, it was the train journey that actually made my trip all the more special.

Jacob- Oh! You took the train; don't you usually go by flight?

Janice- Yes, I do. But I have just realized how much I missed every time I traveled to Goa by flight. You have no clue how much fun the entire twelve-hour journey was.

Jacob- What was so great about your journey?

Janice- Well, we entered the train and found that almost half of our bogie was filled with youngsters heading towards Goa. All in big groups, singing and making merry! That was the first time I've ever experienced something as lively as that. On a serious note, it felt like the partying had begun from the train itself.

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Jacob- That's great! All the party people in one bogie. Ha- ha!

Janice- Yes. Soon enough the train started and before I could know, I was talking to the other folks in our compartment as well. Friendly and nice people.

Jacob- Superb, right?

Janice- It certainly was. As the journey continued we all were discussing Goa and that's when I got diverted toward the scenic views through which our train was passing, beautiful and mesmerizing. The lakes, the bridges, the greeneries; everything had a charm of its own. Jacob, I can't express how much fun I had throughout my journey and in barely any time, we had reached.

Jacob- After listening to you, I wish I would have joined you guys too. I definitely missed a great, great trip.


There you have it. While describing something interesting to someone, it is your responsibility to get that individual involved enough to be virtually  transported to that incredible moment or experience. Of course, it is important that you focus on the English language, well enough by making use of top-notch English vocabulary. You can also indulge in language learning by learning English online to help better your communication skills and make describing an experience more fun and enjoyable for you as the speaker.

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- By Chander Madan

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