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How to describe your vehicle?


Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of your dream car! Car in India is a status symbol. Possessing a car displays a person's class and sophistication. You obviously want to show off your new acquisition to the world. But how to go about describing it? If you aren't fluent in English speaking, it can lead to awkward situations. Show that you are as advanced as your car when you describe your treasured asset. Further below, you will come to know the steps in describing your vehicle accurately and fluently in English.


Things to remember while describing your vehicle

1. Humility

It is a natural human tendency to have our ego inflated when we receive something of immense value. Granted, a car is a valuable possession, but that does not mean that you go on bragging about it. While describing your car, be humble about it and don't try to put the listener down. Who knows? Maybe he would buy a more expensive car than you would.

2. Accuracy

Be accurate while describing your car. No one is going to take away your car from you. So why hide or gloss over the facts? Truthfully acknowledging the features of your car will enable you to describe it confidently and without interruption. In order to tell a lie, you need to narrate a story and if not fluent in English, it can lead to trouble later on.

3. Accept compliments graciously

Most people are uncomfortable in accepting compliments. A simple 'thank you' is enough to accept compliments in a graceful manner. Don't try to downplay your achievements or brush off the compliment; it is insulting to your well-wisher.


Sample Conversation

You are travelling to home from office in your new Maruti Swift and you notice your best friend Sanjay walking along the road. You bring the car to a halt and call him out.

You: Hey Sanjay, wait.

Sanjay: Hey, oh my god!! Is this your car?

You: Yes, it is. You are going home right? Hop in and I will give you a drop.

Sanjay (getting in): Thanks! Wow, the car seems really cool, when did you buy it?

You: Just last month and yeah, it's pretty amazing.

Sanjay: Can you describe the best features of your car?

You: Sure, my car has a K-series engine, which adheres to the latest emission norms. So no need to upgrade soon. It has dual transmission, 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual.

Sanjay: That's great! But what about fuel efficiency?

You: As you can see, the interiors are spacious and the metal fuel tank has been replaced with a plastic one. This increases its overall fuel efficiency at least by 13%. In today's increasing fuel prices, that translates to huge savings.

Sanjay: That's amazing, what's the price of this amazing car?

You: Its Rs. 6 lakhs. It's expensive but the benefits are worth it.

Sanjay: Here comes my home. Congratulations!! You have got yourself a beautiful car.

You: Thank you for your compliments! Take care and good night!


You can clearly see the above conversation displaying humility, accuracy and gracious compliment acceptance. You can practice the above conversation with your friend or with the help of an online English tutor. As driving improves with practice, so does speaking fluently in English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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