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How to explain a new technology to a non-techie person?


You have successfully completed your Windows Server 2012 certification and excited about your job prospects. Your best friend Ramesh, a total technology novice and an HR executive visit your cabin to congratulate you. He wants to know what this certification is all about. So how would you go about describing your certification to a non-technical friend? Won't it be all the nicer if you use the right English to show that you are as sophisticated as your new technological skill?




Things to keep in mind while explaining technical things to a non-techie person


1. Be patient

Patience is the key when explaining a technically complex thing to a friend. It is easy to lose control and get frustrated. But remember that he is your friend and it is your duty to educate him.


2. Entertain doubts

An individual, when he learns anything new, is bound to have some doubts. Entertain your friends doubt no matter how silly and try to solve his doubts. Don't dismiss them as ridiculous.


3. Use layman language

Layman language is the language that is used to simplify complex things and explain it in a way, which a newbie can understand. In order to provide an understandable brief, it is important to explain it by using as little non-technical jargons as possible, for this, accurate knowledge of the English language is vital.




Sample conversation with a non-techie


Ramesh: Hey Ritesh, congratulations on your new certification!


You: Thank you Ramesh, How are you?


Ramesh: I am fine man, just came to congratulate you. Hey, I am a newbie in technology, but am interested in knowing what your certification is all about.


You: Sure Ramesh. Windows server 2012 is the latest release in the server family. It helps in maintaining the network architecture and database management and provides greater

security and enhanced stability.


Ramesh: Whoa! Go-slow man. You are going way too fast. What is network architecture, is it the building design?


You: Sorry, I will explain in simple terms. No, network architecture means the layout of the computers and its internet connection. The computers in your HR department are laid out

as per the company network norms.


Ramesh: Okay. So what is the benefit of your certification?


You: I can now help my company to smoothly upgrade their current version. It will also help me showcase my technological expertise to the management. In addition, my

employability will get a boost due to this certification.


Ramesh: Wow! That seems really great!! So is there really a demand for this certification in the job market? Doesn't it run the risk of obsolescence?


You: This technology is new in the market and there is no other option for companies other than upgrading to the latest server version. And about obsolescence, Microsoft has already specified that they are not releasing any new updates soon.


Ramesh: You have made a good choice of certification. All the Best!


You: Thanks a lot Ramesh!




The above conversation shows you clearly how to explain new features and technology to a person with no technical background. As you can see, it requires excellent English speaking skills to convince and make the other person understand. To improve your command over English language, you can take the help of an online English tutor and practice with a guide or a friend.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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