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How to follow table manners?


It’s your best friend’s birthday today and he/she has invited you to a party in a restaurant. You are ready for the party and have left for your destination with great excitement. You have reached the place and now you see a party that is decked up with round tables and chairs. Immediately, you see all the arrangements and get scared about which spoon to use or when and how the knife is used.

Don’t worry, we will help you learn good table manners in no time. Although it is not easy to remember all etiquettes with a single glance, you can begin with a warm smile on your face and a flawless greeting for the fellow mates.

Tips to follow

Firstly, be calm and polite. It is advisable to follow your host as he or she might be very good with table manners.

1. Take your seat

Don’t rush for a seat. Your host might have allotted a seat for you. If you are seated near heavily trafficked areas, such as restrooms, kitchen or near an air conditioned vented space, don't hesitate. Instead, be calm and polite and ask for another table. You can just say, "Could I be seated on another table, as the air condition is too high here?” Always ask in a respectful manner and wait until you hear the response before taking any action.


2. Use a napkin

Put your napkin on your lap as soon as you are seated. After your dinner, when you get down from the table, leave the napkin, unfolded on the table, to the left of the place setting.

3. Be comfortable

Table manners are made so that people feel comfortable while dining with a group. Sit at an easy distance from the table. Sit straight with hands in your lap and make sure that your elbows are not on the table.

4. Use your cutlery properly

Always use your spoon or knife with your right hand and fork with your left hand.  Don’t scratch your cutlery against your bowl or plate, as it is considered to be bad manners for the table.


5. Eat with a pace

Don’t just jump on your plate once you are served. Wait for others as well. Start when your host gives the permission to begin your meal or dinner.

6. Be polite

Be polite while eating. Take small bites. Don’t chew with open mouth. Eat at a comfortable pace so as to match your fellow diners. Keep your mouth closed and avoid making noises of any kind while eating, like, slurping soup.

7. Learn to pass items

When someone asks to pass the food item, reach for it only if it is beside you.  Handover it to your neighbor and tell them to pass to the person who has asked for it. Once it reaches the person do nod in agreement.

Be Polite

Don’t forgot to thank your host for a wonderful party. Your spoken English skills play a vital role in helping you sail any situation. Therefore, next time when you are at a formal dinner party, wear not only your confidence, but also your fluent English communication skills. Table manner will automatically follow.

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- By Shailja Varma

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