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How to give details of a disease to a patient?


Being a patient is a dreadful thing to happen to any human being. Not only is he sick and ailing, but also unsure about his medical condition. You may happen to have a loved one who is on the sick bed, but is not aware of what ails him. After taking the full details from the doctor, you can pass on the information to the ailing person in a soothing manner. Below are few things to keep in mind while giving information about a disease to the patient.


Things to keep in mind

1. Say the truth

People appreciate truth. The details of any disease are unpleasant, especially if it's a serious one. You may think of covering up now, but sooner or later, the person may come to know the truth and he may resent you for lying. So be truthful from the start.

2. Use comforting words

The way to deliver disease information is to use comforting words. It relieves the pain felt by the concerned patient. If you don't know which vocabulary to use, take help of an online English tutor and read voraciously to improve the word power.

3. Be Positive

The underlying tone should be positive and provide hope to the listener. After listening to the gruesome details, the patient should have some hope for improvement in his situation. Learn to practice positive intonation while speaking in any situation, with the help of English classes or with a friend.


Sample Conversation

Your best friend Ravi is bed ridden and is diagnosed with Cancer in its early stage.

You: Hey Buddy, How are you feeling now?

Ravi: I saw you coming out of the doctor's room, what did he say about my cancer?

You: Nothing much. You first tell me how you are now?

Ravi: I am fine. Please tell me what he told you.

You: He told that your cancer is at the initial stages. It's of grade 1 type. There will be many bouts of weakness and other side effects, but the prognosis is good.

Ravi: What does it mean for my recovery?

You: It means since your cancer was detected early, your chances of recovery are good. Today there are advanced techniques including bone marrow treatment which increases immunity. But it is going to be very painful, tedious and lengthy.

Ravi: I am worried.

You: Don't worry too much Ravi. I am here by your side. The treatment may be painful, but what matters is your courage and braveness. Just remember that you will be healthy again after this painful and tough phase. Now don't think too much, take your medicines on time and rest.


The above conversation includes truthful conversation, use of comforting words and positive attitude. You can be of further assistance to your loved one by taking help of professional doctors abroad. Communicate with other doctors online for second opinions and suggestions. But for this, you need to improve your English vocabulary. Fluent English speaking skills are a necessity for appropriate conversations especially with doctors abroad. Learn to speak confidently in any situation taking online English speaking classes.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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