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How to give medicine instructions to a patient?


Taking medicines with the correct dosage and on time is very important for a fast cure. However, most of the patients tend to ignore this golden rule. It is imperative that clear instructions on dosage should be given to an ailing patient. In addition, ignoring it can have fatal consequences. You may have a loved one who is suffering from a serious disease, but you cannot give instructions due to lack of English speaking skills. As fluent English communication is vital for accurate instructions, read the guidelines below to learn how to communicate with precise vocabulary and finesse.


Guidelines for instructions


Doctors recommend specified dosages for appropriate relief. An overdose can have unpleasant side effects and even lead to death. Hence, while giving instructions to patients about dosage, be specific and accurate. Some patients in order to get fast relief resort to an overdose. Warn them about the consequences. You can improve your reading and speaking vocabulary with the help of books and a dictionary.


Taking medicines on time is very important. One cannot skip the time given to a medication and compensate it with overdosing. Medicines work on timely interval. Skipping the appropriate time can lead to liver damage and a variety of other side effects. Give clear instructions as to whether the medicines are to be taken on morning, afternoon or night. Read the prescription paper carefully to avoid any miscommunication. Clarify with doctor if necessary.


There must be consistency while taking medicines. If the prescription says 5 days, the dosage should be taken for 5 days. Most people stop medication once they feel all right. This is bad for overall health, as the disease may not have been completely cured. Proper consistency ensures that the ailment is eradicated completely.


Sample Conversation:

Situation: Your mother is ill due to high fever and is under bed rest. The doctor has prescribed 'Paracetamol' for 5 days, once in the morning and once at night.

You: Mom, How are you feeling now?

Mom: I still have body pain and still feeling feverish. It feels weak overall.

You: Do not worry Mom; you will be up in no time after taking your medicines.

Mom: What is the prescription, son?

You: The doctor has advised taking 'Paracetamol' twice a day for the next 5 days. Once in the morning and once at night.

Mom: Ok. I will feel better after 2-3 days I guess. Then I can stop the medicines.

You: No mom. You should take the medicines for 5 days as the doctor suggested. Why do you want to take a risk by stopping the curing process in between? For a complete cure,

you should take medicines regularly and as per the prescription.

Mom: Okay Son, whatever you say.

You: Now take some rest, while I bring you your dinner. After eating, you take a tablet. But only one.

Mom: Ok son.


The above conversation highlights the importance of dosage, time and consistency. Let it serve as a guideline for you to give instructions to any patient. As always, fluent English speaking skills is necessary for confident communication. You can learn to speak English fluently by taking English speaking online coaching classes.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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