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How to handle an irate customer in a service industry?


Good day, students. I am sure you have been benefitting immensely from our blogs and articles on spoken English, developing English fluency and improving English. Being an online spoken English tutor, it is our duty to strive and constantly work towards providing the best lessons and exercises to help you understand and learn this beautiful language in a better way.

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Of all the articles and exercises we have provided so far, our series on conversation practice have received tremendous response – and rightly so. After all, it is an interesting and fun way to learn spoken English without actually having to mug up grammar rules and tough vocabulary. Taking the series further, we shall take one more sample, practice conversation for practice in today’s blog.

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For practice today, let us learn how you can handle an irate customer, must you come across one.

Handling an irate customer

When you are in the service industry, communication has to be your strongest trait. Tackling, impressing and convincing your customers requires one to use their spoken English skills to the optimum. Many times, a customer might not be satisfied with the service provided, and handling such a frustrated, irate customer requires tact. Here is how you can do that:

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You work as an executive for a movers and packers company. A customer comes to lodge a complaint.

Customer: I need to speak to someone in charge here.

Executive: Sir, tell me what is the issue? I will help you.

Customer: I had hired your company for packing and moving last Sunday. I am sorry to say, I am highly disappointed with the services provided. I would like a refund!

Executive: May I know the exact nature of your complaint, sir? So that I can help you better.

Customer: The men you had sent for packing were so untrained and unprofessional. My very expensive dinner set has cracks and a few plates have broken. Not just that, I had requested for 15 packing boxes whereas I received only 10. If you people cannot handle your work properly, why do you take it up?

Executive: Sir, please calm down. I will lodge your complaint and will personally look into it. Can I have your name and number, please?

Customer: How will that help? I need a refund.

Executive: Sir, if there has indeed been a mistake on our part, we will ensure that your complaint is rightfully treated. Please sir, I request you to cooperate. Can I have your name and number, please?

Customer: Okay. My name is Rakesh Chopra and the number is 987654.

Executive: Thank you, sir. I will help you to my optimum capacity.

See, this is how you can calm down an irate customer without ending up in a fight! All you need is some patience and fluent English speaking!

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- By Chander Madan

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