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How to host a social event at school?


You are the Hindi teacher at St. Therese Convent School and are selected to be the host for the annual day celebrations. You are not sure about your English speaking abilities, but the headmaster has full faith in you. So what steps will you take to justify your selection? Determination, self-confidence and consistent practice will allow you to host the event perfectly without any disruptions. Above all, you should strive to improve your English language delivery skills.

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Things to remember when hosting a social event at school:

1. Understand your audience

Your audience would consist of parents, school management, children and the official guests. So while preparing your host talk, keep the guests in mind and then draft. An entertainment hosting is different from a school event. So keep your language simple and easy to understand.

2. Practice

It pays to practice before the actual event. You can rehearse your hosting in front of your family or a mirror. You can gain increased confidence and a critical review of your performance. You will come to know about your mistakes and rectify them before time. You can also revise your hosting draft until it becomes perfect.

3. Review

After the event is over, take reviews on your performance. Ask your trusted ones how your hosting was and what can be done to improve. Remember to take the criticisms in a constructive way.


Sample hosting format for a social event at school:

1. In the beginning

How you begin your hosting will determine the tone of the event. You can start with a quote or an interesting story or anecdote. Always, aim for a cheerful start. Your initial greeting will depend on the time of the day.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good morning to you all. It is my immense pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 18th Annual Day celebrations of St. Therese Convent High School. Finally, the much-awaited day is here and the participants are eager to show you, the results of their hard work.

2. During the event

Announce upcoming program with zeal. After a performance is over, congratulate the performers on their display.


"Please put your hands together for the XXX group."

"What an amazing performance! Another round of applause please!"

"After that stellar performance, let's join our hands for XXX."

"That was quite a speech/dance".

3. Inviting for guest speech

"I now invite Mr. XXX to come on stage and deliver the presidential address".

4. After the speech

"Thank you for that thought provoking speech, Sir. I am sure our students will benefit greatly from your tips."

5. Conclusion

Conclude by thanking everyone.


"I invite Mr. XXX to give the vote of thanks."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for participating in this event and making it a grand success."


The above samples and points will help you present your event in a successful manner. You will be remembered as a great presenter and will be in great demand. However, it is possible only if your English speaking skills are perfect. You can practice your language skills with the help of an online English learning institute.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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