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How to introduce your colleagues and boss to a newly acquired client?


As a working professional, knowing how to address your colleagues and your boss to a newly acquired client is vital. It is the way you present yourself and your company in social situations or formal meetings. As the intermediary between your client and your organization, you are solely responsible for carrying out the introduction process and hence, your English communication skills play an important role. Ensure to keep your business etiquette seamless, make the first move toward making both the parties well-acquainted as well as comfortable. Always remember good business etiquette and fluent English communication skills can help you to be more successful.

introduce your colleagues

Therefore, let's take a look at two situations wherein you are required to introduce your colleagues and boss to a newly acquired client.

Conversational Sample:

Situation 1. Formal (at work)

You've acquired this client just a week ago and your boss demands you set up a meeting with her in your office. She agrees upon coming and meeting the team as well as your boss. How should you formally introduce both the sides of the business?

crucial meeting

Tim- Good morning everybody. I would like to take the pleasure of initiating this crucial meeting by introducing both sides of the deal.

Boss (Renfred) - Sure, Tim. Go ahead.

Tim- I'd like to introduce you to the team with whom we got associated over the last week. With no further delay,  team, this is Ms. Heather Nicks. She is our latest and one of the most reputed clients we've got on board.

Team (Applause) -

Tim- And... Ms. Nicks, kindly allow me to introduce my boss Mr. Renfred D'souza, the CEO and founder of Foreseen Enterprises, and the entire team- Sujith, Sandra, Vikram and Rashid. They are going to be the driving force of your project with the guiding hand of our CEO Mr. D'souza.

Boss (Renfred) - It's our pleasure to have an acclaimed company like yours to have formed an association with us. We hope that this partnership benefits both the companies alike; creating a bond of clear, ripple free waters.

Client (Heather) – Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. We are glad to be a part of your business enterprise as well.

Situation 2. Informal (at a cocktail party)

It's your company's success party and you've invited a newly acquired client. The client walks in and you politely escort her to your boss and the team to introduce both the parties. How should you informally go about a critical situation like this?

success bash

Tim- Good evening, Heather. I'm glad you could make it to our success bash.

Client (Heather) – Good evening! Yes, Tim, I thought this was an ideal opportunity to get to know the team better in an informal note.

Tim- Ha-ha! Smart choice. Let me introduce you to my boss as well as the team. This way, please...

Tim- Excuse me, sir.

Boss (Renfred) – Yes, Tim. What's the matter? All is fine, right?

Tim- Yes, sir. What a grand party... Though I just wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our newly acquired client.

Boss- Of course, of course!

Tim- Heather, this is the founder and CEO of Foreseen Enterprises, Mr. Renfred D'souza and our team of four who will handle your project- Sujith, Sandra, Vikram and Rashid. And guys, this is our new client Ms. Heather Nicks.

Boss (Renfred) - Good evening Heather. It's great to have finally met you.

Client (Heather) - Of course it is, I looked forward to meeting you people too.

There you have it, a simple, precise and professional way of introducing both sides of the business in fluent English. For those who are unsure about your communication skills, you can enroll in an English-speaking course online and sharpen your spoken English skills within a short span of time.

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- By Shailja Varma

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