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How to lodge a complaint for deficiency in service at a complaint center?


You were the proud owner of a Lenovo Tablet till the last two weeks, when it started giving trouble. You took it to a service center with high hopes of fixing the problem, only to have it dashed. On top of it, the service executives were rude to you. Thoroughly disgruntled, you decide to escalate the matter to the higher complaint center. How will you put your points across in fluent English? You should utilize your communication skills effectively to get redress for your grievances.

complaint for deficiency in service

Things to remember when lodging a complaint for deficiency in service at a complaint center:

1. Use confident English

Be confident when you speak English at a complaint center. This will make the executives take note of your complaint faster and provide a quick response. English is known as the international medium of communication and proficiency in it will showcase your sophistication.

2. Be clear on the events

Give a precise description of the event that led you to make this call. Make them aware of the gross negligence on their part and ask for a suitable course of action. Use your English language skills to provide them with a good description.

3. Follow up

Just complaining won't be enough, you need to follow them up for the actions taken after making the complaint call. You can follow up the call with a complaint email or letter as per your preference. If a redress is not given in reasonable time, make them understand the risk of losing a loyal customer.

making a complaint call

Sample conversation for making a complaint call:

Situation: With reference to the above scenario, you make an escalation call to Lenovo's complaint center.

Complaint Center: Good Morning, thank you for calling Lenovo customer care. This is Kathy speaking.

You: Hi, I am Maurice, calling from Mumbai. I wish to lodge a complaint about poor customer service at one of your service centers.

Complaint Center: Okay, Madam, may I know what the problem was?

You: My Lenovo tablet was getting discharged fast and I took it to the Vashi service center for quick servicing. However, they not only ignored the problem, but were rude to me as well.

Complaint Center: I am sorry you had to go through such a bad experience Madam. May I have your complaint number?

You: Yes, it's 565987.

Complaint Center: Thank you, Madam. On behalf of Lenovo, I would like to apologize for your troubling experience. Rest assured that we will take corrective steps soon.

You: Can you please define soon?

Complaint Center: We have your contact details in our database and our senior executives will get in touch with you to check your tablet. I am raising a high priority ticket from my end.

You: Please give me the ticket number.

Complaint Center:  It's 556968. Please note this for our future communication.

You: Okay. Thanks. Hope I will not be disappointed this time.

complaining call

The above sample conversation will help you to learn how to make a complaint call that can give you the anticipated results. In the meantime, improve your spoken English skills and have a great experience.

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- By Shailja Varma

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