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How to make a short, informative speech


As an English language student, it should be your top priority to grab any opportunity where you can use your English speaking skills. Because it not only presents you a prospect of practicing your spoken English, but also acts as a reality check for you to put your English fluency to test! Therefore, whether it is a friendly conversation with your college friends or you need to lodge a complaint with the customer care of a company, do not let go of any chance where you can put your English speaking skills to work.

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I hope, you have been avidly following and learning through our educational blogs and articles. Also, make sure that you put to use our practice tests, as they will help you improve your English in a better and interactive way. We have given you a number of conversational blogs as well as situational articles, wherein we give you an idea how you can communicate in English in a given situation.

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Today, we will help you understand and practice how you can make a short, informative speech and impress your audience!

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Needless to say, the first and foremost requirement for making an informative speech in English is that you should have a good command over the language – and I do not mean only fluency. You should also know how to use grammar, punctuation and also to phrase your sentences in the correct order.

Apart from that, there are a few other points you should keep in mind in order to make an impressive speech.

Information is the key: What will you base your speech on if you do not have enough data on the topic you need to deliver a speech about? Gather as much information as you can and sift through it to make sure that you use only the helpful information.

Pep it up: Now that you have enough data in your hand, what will you do with it? You cannot simply shout out the data and be done with your speech. The secret behind a good speech is to dress the data in clever phrases and interesting wordings, so that it catches the fancy of your audience.


Sprinkle some examples: Wish to make your speech more audience friendly? Give examples to support your data. For example, when you are making a speech about struggle, you can quote the story of a spider, who in spite of falling down again and again, gets up and tries to build its web, and succeeds eventually. This will not only make your speech more colorful, but will make it easy for the audience to grasp the matter.

Using these tips while putting your English fluency to use. You can easily deliver a short informative speech and impress your audience!

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- By Chander Madan

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