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How to place an order in a fast food restaurant?


Remember the scene from the famous Bollywood movie 'English Vinglish' where Shashi (Shridevi) enters a fast food café abroad to grab a meal but fails to communicate with the waitress. This disturbs her immensely as the waitress could not understand what she wished to order and hence in a fit of fear Sashi starts crying and leaves the café without any food. This is an incident that could occur to anyone who isn't too sure about their English communication skills. However, you could prevent yourself from getting into such a situation by honing and mastering your spoken English skills to the optimum.

Living abroad comes with a handful of language barriers that include the not-so-acquainted with accent, certain terms that are unknown to you, the tone of voice being used, and many more. Nevertheless, you have the scope to learn English fluency and gradually adapt to the traits foreigners make use of while conversing without much hesitancy. This article will focus on teaching you how to place an order at a fast food joint in Basic English.

Let's take a look at an example that should simplify the process for you completely.


You're in the U.S. on a family vacation and you have decided to catch up with one of your childhood friends who had shifted base to the U.S. years ago. She has asked you to wait at Madison Square and would meet you there at six in the evening. In the excitement, you left your house in a jiffy and turned up an hour before time. All of a sudden you see this eatery called 'Big Burger' and decide to grab a bite to while away time. Here's a guide on how to place your order?

Tips to place an order efficiently in a fast food restaurant:

Waitress: Welcome to Big Burger. May I take your order?

Rohan: Yes please! I would like a chicken burger and some fries.

Waitress: Burger with cheese or without cheese?

Rohan: Ah! Without.

Waitress: Sure Sir. Would you like anything to drink or is that all?"

Rohan: Ughh... Yes. A coffee, please.

Waitress: Sure. An Americano, a Cappuccino or a Latte? What would you prefer?

Rohan: Well... I would like to go in for a Cappuccino.

Waitress: Small or medium?

Rohan: A small works with me.

Waitress: Sir, so, that's your final order, is it?

Rohan: Yes.

Waitress: Sir, allow me to confirm your order. So that's one cheeseburger, medium fries and a small Coke. For here or to go?

Rohan: For here.

Waitress: Alright, so that's $5.83.

Rohan: Here you go.

Waitress: Thank you and here's your four dollars and seven cents in change. Enjoy your meal and have a great day.

Rohan: Thank you, wish you the same.

Always remember that when you find yourself in a situation as such and do not know what to say, calm down and breathe. Understand the fact that you are not committing a lethal crime, so do not panic. Instead, be confident and ask for help from the waitress or the people around (whoever you prefer). Smile and exude positivity, this will certainly draw people to help you out of the situation with dignity and respect.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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