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How to report a burglary to the police?


There are many instances wherein we are required to speak in English – and not just speak but have a proper and meaningful conversation. Through our online English classes, various blogs on English speaking and articles about improving spoken English, we have been helping you learn, improve and become fluent in the language.


We have been getting good reviews and an amazing response to our conversational blogs! Through our sample conversations, we help you understand various situations and how you can talk your way through them. In today’s blog, we will tell how you can report a burglary to the police.

Situational conversation

Imagine yourself in this following situation.

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You come home from a movie night. As soon a you reach your door, you realize that the door is unlocked. You panic and enter your home, only to find it ransacked! Everything is spilled onto the floor and the whole house is disheveled. It does not take much time for you to register that you have been robbed. What is the first and foremost thing that you do? Simple, call the police.

Once the police arrives on-scene, this is how you can explain to them the whole situation and help in getting the investigation started.

Police inspector: Hello, Mr. Sharma. Did you call in to report a burglary?

Mr. Sharma: Yes, I did. My house has been robbed.

Inspector: Okay. Let me take a look. I hope you did not touch anything. It could jeopardize our chances of getting fingerprints.

Mr. Sharma: As soon as I found that my door was unlocked, I knew something was amiss. I only opened the door to see my ransacked house. Apart from that, I did not even enter my apartment, let alone touch anything. However, the door jamb might have my fingerprints overriding the burglar’s.

Inspector: That’s okay. I’ll inspect your house and see if I can get a fingerprint. Also, later on I will require you to make and give me a list of things that have been stolen – cash, gadgets, valuables, trinkets – everything.

Mr. Sharma: Sure, sir. I will do that.

Inspector: What time did you leave your house today and what time did you come back?

Mr. Sharma: I left my house early in the morning to go to the office. I usually come back by 7 p.m. However, today I went to watch a movie and came back at 9:30 p.m.

Inspector: That’s a big time frame to investigate. Anyway, Mr. Sharma, thanks for your cooperation. After I am done with investigating inside the house, I will question the building’s watchman and your neighbors. We will try our best to get your robbed possessions back and nail the culprit.

Mr. Sharma: Thank you, sir. I have full faith that you will help me to your best capabilities.

This above conversation explains how you can report a burglary to the police, especially when you are in a foreign location where English is the only language to your savior. You can practice English with friends, or alone with the help of a mirror and work on improving your English fluency.

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- By Shailja Varma

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