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How to take a customer survey (Restaurant)


Dining at a restaurant is always a fun, but what makes it all the more special is the treatment one receives from the restaurant staff. Hence, working at a restaurant requires you to be friendly and positive at all times. It is vital for you to keep your customers happy and content, so that they would recommend your restaurant to others as well. One of the main and most effective tools to ensure you're delivering exactly what your customers ask for is a customer survey.


What is a customer survey?

A customer survey is a feedback form that gives you a quantitative insight into the opinions and attitudes of the customers. This survey gives you facts about the expectations and needs of the customers and sometimes even points out to the areas for improvement. Besides, any professional restaurant knows how valuable these survey sheets are.

Most of the times, these surveys are conducted through written feedback forms. However, if you're a manager; it is one of your major responsibilities to converse with customers. A smart deal is that you get a personal customer survey conducted, as a course of your conversation. This makes your customer feel important and valued.

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Conversation Sample:

Situation: You are the manager of a five star restaurant. Your restaurant has been running top-notch; however, you wish to mold it as per the needs of the customer. How would you approach a table and take customer feedback in fluent English?


Manager: Good Evening Ma'am and sir. Hope you are enjoying your meal.

Customers: Good evening! Yes, we have had a pleasant dining experience, so far.

Manager: I'm glad. Sir, I believe you had called for the check.

Customers: Yes. We have.

Manager: Perfect. Could I just take five minutes of yours to run through a quick customer survey, as you are one of our loyal and valuable clients?

Customer: Sure thing.

Manager: Thank you. Sir, on the scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means 'unsatisfied' and 10 means 'very satisfied', how would you rate us on the food we serve?

Customer: 9 on 10.

Manager: Okay. On service?

Customer: 10 on 10.

Manager: Ambience?

Customer: 10 on 10.

Manager: Value for money?

Customer: I think, you guys are a little on the expensive side, so that would be a 7 on 10.

Manager: Fair enough. Delivery time?

Customer: You guys are quick with service, so an 8 on 10.

Manager: Perfect! Thank you so much for your time. Any final comments or suggestions?

Customer: You guys are great, keep up the quality; though I wouldn't mind you people reconsidering your prices.

Manager: Thank you, sir, and ma'am. Have a great evening ahead.


It is as simple as that. However, as a non-native English speaker, it is important for you to pay heed to your English communication skills. Understand that you need to speak in English with your customers and hence, maintaining an English speaking fluency throughout is critical to your job.

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- By Chander Madan

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