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How to take help from the security guard at the ATM


Guess what is the best thing about learning English? You will never tire out of it, because there is so much to learn – new words to embellish your vocabulary, phrases, idioms and whatnot! Learning English is something you can do every single day.

Recently, I came across an interesting term – plastic money. I find the term borderline genius. What a great way to describe credit and debit cards. For all those who are new to this term, let me explain what it means. Nowadays, people do not carry much cash, because carrying credit and debit cards is way easier. Also, whether you need to shop, buy movie tickets, dine in a restaurant or pay your bills, everything can be easily accomplished by simply swiping the card. Since, credit and debit cards have replaced paper money, they are known as plastic money! Interesting, isn’t it?


Now that you have learnt something new today, let’s progress to our exercise. Since, we are on the topic of plastic money, why not have our spoken English exercise related to it?
Take an instance, you are a new user of debit card and need to withdraw some cash from the ATM. How will you do that? Though, it is a pretty simple process, and you will get a hang of it. Nevertheless, there is always a first time. Worry not, every ATM kiosk has a security guard and do not shy away from asking for his assistance.

atm machine

Caption: Withdrawing money from an ATM machine is a simple and easy process

Conversation example

Here is how you can converse with him.

You: Excuse me, could you please show me how to use the ATM?

Security guard: Yes, sir. What help do you need?

You: Actually, I am using the ATM for the first time, so could you kindly help me with the whole process?

Security guard: Definitely. We start by putting in the card in this slot. Then punch in your pin number. Be careful with the pin number, as you should never show or disclose it to anyone

You: Okay.

Security guard: Now select what type of account you have – current or saving.

You: Mine is a saving account.

Security guard: Okay. Now put in the amount you need to withdraw. Would you like to take a receipt of your transaction?

You: Yes, please.

Security guard: Then you should punch ‘yes’. Now wait for your cash.

You: This is very simple. Thank you.

Security guard: You are welcome. Always count your cash before leaving the kiosk and collect the receipt too.Do you need any other assistance?

You: No. Thanks a lot for your help.

Security guard: It’s okay. Don’t mention.

security guard

Caption: When in need of any assistance at an ATM, it is best to talk to the security guard.

See, the whole process is so easy! All you need is the knowledge to form sentences and the confidence to deliver them. Learning English is fun when done the right way.

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- By Chander Madan

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