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How to talk about a teacher you like very much?


You are discussing your school life with your relatives when your aunt, who is also a teacher, happens to ask you about your favorite teacher. With fluent English speaking skills, you can describe your favorite teacher in detail. Your loved ones will be amazed with your strong command over spoken English. While describing the adorable traits of your teacher, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Things to remember:

1. Keep it brief

There may be many traits that make your teacher stand apart from others. However, your listeners are not in for a discourse, they just want to hear why you like that particular teacher. So just focus on what is that unique thing which no other professor gives you. It may be that she considers you as a favorite or she is very helpful in your weak subjects.

2. Provide examples

Your description will be more effective if you can provide instances where she has helped you a lot, which has made a difference in your studies. Recollect incidences where her assistance was invaluable to you. It will give credence to your claim of why that particular teacher is your true favorite.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: Your aunt visits you and while conversing about your studies asks who your favorite teacher is.

Aunt: So Rajat, How are your studies going on?

You: It's going great, Aunty?

Aunt: Tell me, who is your favourite  teacher?

You: Ms. Aruna Jaiswal is my favourite teacher. She is our Science professor.

Aunt: Why is she your favourite?

You: She is helpful, caring and is always ready with a listening ear to our problems.

And: But isn't all your teachers like that?

You: Yes, they are. But she is different from others.

Aunt: In what sense? Why is she unique?

You: She is a great problem solver. Any doubts will be instantly clarified no matter what the situation is. She never scolds for asking even a silly question nor gives any excuses. For her, all students are the same no matter how studious or weak.

Aunt: That is very nice. Can you provide any instances?

You: Sure. Once, I had my exams and there was this doubt which was nagging me. It was a very important concept and the exams were next day. I was very nervous about approaching her just before the exams, but she did not shout at me. Instead, she gladly helped me out.

Aunt: That is a very nice thing to do. No wonder she is your favorite teacher.

The above sample shows how you can go about describing your favourite teacher to others. Short description highlighting the traits is enough to get the message across. Utilize your effective English speaking skills to give your favourite teacher's description full justice. You can improve your conversational skills by practicing with the help of an online English tutor and also with a friend. Daily practice is very important for maintaining your strong command over the English language. Dazzle your loved ones with your captivating English speaking skills.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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