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How to talk about a trending personality online?


It’s very common in today’s social age to share and discuss anything new that you come across. The world has become social. We get our dose of news and trending topics from the social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. In fact, the hot topics of discussion in any social or casual gathering are the ones that are trending on the social media platforms.

Let’s take for instance the recent AIB (All India Bakchod) roast comedy show, which became an instant talk of the town. The online show was hosted by the famous director, Karan Johar, who received a lot of flak for his comments on the show. A lot of controversies about Karan Johar came into the limelight to the extent that FIRs were being filed.


You have always seen your friends discussing on personalities in a casual chat. Now, you wish to be the one who wants to initiate a topic of discussion. Find out how to start a conversation about an online trending personality with the help of the following sample.

Sample conversation

Discussions with your friends is a good way to improve your English communication skills. Here’s a small conversation example.

Pravin – Hi, Good evening Shyam.

Shyam – Good evening. How are you?

Pravin – Thanks, I am good, what about you? Where were you these days?

Shyam – Yes, I was busy as I had to visit Singapore for a business meeting.

Pravin – Oh! That’s the reason I suppose, you weren’t available on the phone.

Shyam – Exactly.

Pravin – Hey Shyam, did you watch that recent online comedy show that made a lot of roar on the social media?

Shyam – Which one?

Pravin – AIB, which was hosted by Karan Johar. It also featured big actors, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

Shyam – No, I haven’t watched it, but heard many things related to it. Yesterday, even some news about it was flashing on news channels. Did you watch?

Pravin – Yes, I did watch and believe me it was something unusual that I never expected from Karan Johar.

Shyam – Why? What was there in the video?

Pravin – It was a comedy act put together by the AIB team, but it had excessive use of offensive language. Even Karan Johar was seen using vulgar and offensive language to make people laugh.

Shyam – That is strange.

Pravin – Yes. Many other Bollywood actors have reacted on it. Even social activists have filed a case against him. And the controversy is still hot in the media. The video has been removed from YouTube otherwise I would have suggested you to watch it. Anyway, I am in a hurry, will meet you soon.

Shyam – Ok. Bye. Take care.

Pravin – You too.

Using above example you can practice your English speaking skills and talk about anything or any personality. You can even join a Spoken English course to improve your English skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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