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How to talk to a lawyer to file an Income Tax return?


It is the time of the year when everyone takes a close look at his or her expenses, investments and savings. Why? Because it is the time of the year when everyone is busy filing his or her income tax return! Are you wondering why we, an online English tutor, are discussing income tax returns, then we would like to ask you, what language is the income tax return filed? English, right? If you need to hire a professional or a lawyer to file your income tax return, how will you communicate? In English, right? Just like many other official works, spoken English and English fluency is required for filing your income tax returns as well.


Filing your income tax return

Before you hire a lawyer for filing your income tax return, there are a certain factors to keep in mind that will help you talk to your lawyer in a better way:

Documentation: No official work can be done without paperwork; same is the case with income tax filing. A lot of the documentation goes into the work and you will be required to keep everything prepared. While your lawyer will guide you through the whole process, you can be prepared beforehand. Keep your medical bills, bills of other expenses etc., handy so that you can produce them for your lawyer as and when needed.

Investments: It is very important to provide the details of your investments, like the bonds you have bought, insurance policies you have and any other investments that can help you save you some tax money. Make sure to question your lawyer and get as much information as you can.

Benefits: Who does not want to save some money? There are many benefits to be availed and your lawyer will be the best person to guide you. Any loans that you are paying installments for, government approved policies and bonds you have invested in, etc., can help you save a lot on your tax returns. When hiring a lawyer and appointing him for filing your tax returns, make sure that you not only question him on all this, but also take in his suggestions on how you can save some money.

Practice conversation

You: Hello, Mr. Biswas. I would like to appoint you for filing my tax returns.

Mr. Biswas: I would be glad to assist you. Do you have all the required documents ready?

You: Actually, I am not sure what all documents are required, that’s why I need you to help me out.

Mr. Biswas: I’ll give you a list of documents required and you get back to me when you have all the documents ready.

You: That sounds perfect. In addition, can I have your number, so that I can get your help in case of a doubt?

Mr. Biswas: Sure. Here is my card and the list.

You: Thanks a lot. I’ll give you a call when all the documents are ready. I’ll take your leave now Have a good day.

Mr. Biswas: Good-bye.

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- By Chander Madan

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