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How to talk to people at the grocery store?


Grocery shopping tends to be a lonely affair in itself. However, what could get it even worse is when you're in another country altogether. You scout through labels, brands and products but yet feel lost. The best way of getting yourself out of this situation would be asking for help and the best way to do that is to speak in basic English. You need to work towards developing your English communication skills beforehand itself, as it is a universal language and very useful when you stay in foreign countries.

Here is an article in simple English that should clear all your inhibitions about taking up a light conversation with a stranger to ask for help in buying your ration.


Your company has sent you to North Carolina, U.S., for a two-year project. You're in the new country and it's your first grocery shopping experience. Things take a toll for the worse as you seem to be a little lost and don't really understand the products and brands.

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Sample Conversation in a Grocery Store:

You: Hey! Could you please help me out a bit? Actually, all this is a little new for me.

Tim: Sure, Sure. What can I help you out with?

You: I have a brief list at hand, but the brands are all unknown to me. I wanted to pick a pack of string cheese and wanted to know which brand is the best?

Tim: Well, I reckon you opt for Kraft dairy products. That's what I've seemed to learn from my wife.

You: Ha-ha! Wives and their specifications. By the way, I'm Raj from India.

Tim: I'm Tim. I have to mention this that I love India; have visited that country twice for work purpose. I must mention I'm mesmerized by the culture and the warm people.

You: Yes, I'm glad you had a great time in my country. I'm here on a work project as well.

Tim: Great! Nice to know. By the way, aren't we forgetting something your wife sent you here for?

You: Yes. Yes. My list.

Tim: Yeah. What else are you looking for? Just string cheese?

You: No no! I completely forgot the purpose of walking in here. My wife would have booted me out of the house if I would go back home empty handed. Ha-ha! So, the list reads spaghetti. Where would I find spaghetti please?

Tim: Walk down this aisle and on the extreme right you will notice a rack full of it. Pull out a pack, lucky for you... this grocery sells only one brand, which is the best.

You: Oh! Thank God. Just help me out with two more things if you don't mind, after which I'm good to go.

Tim: Sure. I'm happy to help!


You: Thanks. I wanted some vegetables and fruits. Where would I find them?

Tim: That's right near the billing counter. Come let me guide you there. Anyway I'm done with the shopping; you could pick and choose while I clear my bill.

You: Perfect. I'm so glad to have met you Tim or I would be running in circles around this huge store looking for stuff.

Tim: You're welcome Raj! And now that we're done buying grocery for our wives, do you mind grabbing a quick beer?

You: Yes yes! Would love to...


As you can notice in the conversation above, your interaction should be light and friendly rather than selfish and needy. Make sure to be comfortable while speaking in English as your comfort while talking in the English language will ignite a friendly touch making both the parties comfortable. Kiss adieu to all your embarrassments and embrace fluent English by practicing more, reading more and acquiring more.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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