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How to volunteer to invite guests at home?


English is originally the language of the British – they are the ones who introduced this language in India. Apart from the language, it’s their manners and discipline that they are known for. They have a code of conduct they follow in everything they do, and if you are a student of spoken English, you must learn about manners.

I am definitely not saying that you should copy the western world when it comes to manners, but you should definitely know how to conduct yourself in certain situations. In our previous blogs, we have given you many sample situations and taught you how you can talk your way through them. In today’s blog, we shall learn how you can invite guests over at your home.


How to invite guests?

For starters, sending out an invite in fluent English will have a good impact and impress your prospective guests. This will be the case when you are inviting guests through writing; however, when you are doing so in person, you need to make sure that your spoken English is impeccable. When you are inviting a few people over, this is what you can say: “I would like to invite you to dinner at my home on Monday.” This is the simplest way you can put it. If you wish to make your invite more fancy, you could say something like “How about a dinner at my place on Monday? I can whip up some amazing pasta and salads.”

Now that you have sent out the invite, there are a few other things you need to follow:

· Pass out the details: When, where and why – your invite should answer these questions. When do you want your guests to come over, where are you throwing the party and for what occasion. “How about dinner at my place on Monday? We will raise a toast for my promotion, and I will whip up some amazing pasta and salads.” This kind of invitation answers all the questions.

· Decide on a theme: What kind of party are you throwing? Is it a black tie event or a casual gathering of friends? Do your guests need to follow a dress code? Decide on these aspects beforehand and inform your guests likewise. Keeping in with the theme, you will have to pay attention to the décor, seating arrangement and also the menu. Needless to say, you should decide upon a theme even before you send out invites to your guests.

seating arrangement
· Make the guests feel welcomed: In Indian culture, guests are revered as Gods, and make them feel likewise. Right from your invite to welcoming the guests should reflect warmth and happiness. When you are inviting a person, make sure your mannerisms speak aloud that you will be happy to receive them as guests.

All you need to do is follow these golden tips and use your best-spoken English when the guests arrive.

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- By Shailja Varma

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