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Talking about life events - Summer vacations


The summer vacation is the ideal time to spend with your family and friends. It can be a really exciting time, a time packed with fun and frolic. You may plan about it months in advance or just be spontaneous and head to a random place. Alternatively, you could enroll for productive activities, such as music classes, art and craft workshops, etc., to spend some productive yet enjoyable time with your friends.

These times are extremely memorable and hence as a custom when your school begins, you are asked to talk about how you spent your summer vacations. Are you prepared to speak up in front of the whole class?

Summer vacations

How to speak in front of the class?

A popular activity to develop strong English communication skill would be by writing down all your memories of the summer vacation. This will act as a guide when you describe your holidays in front of the class. An extensive speech wouldn't require you to give out extensive details of your travel or formal activities. Your talk should simply give the reader an idea of what all you did throughout your summer months. Make sure to keep your spoken English skills at its ace best and beforehand begin by organizing all your thoughts and plan out the order in which you will be speaking.


Step 1: In your mind, collect each and every activity that you've been a part of. This will help you not miss out on anything important.

Step 2: If time permits, discuss it along with your parents and brainstorm over some of the special moments you've spent together. Essence plays a very important role in talking about your experiences.

Step 3: Make sure that every sentence you speak is in fluent English. It is important for you to get well-acquainted with the English language before hitting the stage.

Step 4: Try and concentrate on only those moments that you really enjoyed keeping the few negative moments at bay.

Step 5: You could also stand out from the other students by including a few words of appreciation towards your parents and friends, who made your holiday time special and extravagant.

A sample that should give you a fair idea on how to talk about your summer vacations:


"I really enjoyed my summer vacations to the fullest. This year I had gone out for a vacation with my entire family to Goa. It was a time full of relaxation and loads of fun. We stayed at an amazing resort that had a pool right adjacent to our room. This ensured we had a gala time as most of us share the love of water. The food was delectable and lip smacking. We often visited the beach and took active participation in all the water sports and beach activities. The banana ride was my personal favorite! It was an incredible time I enjoyed out there with my incredible family. The most memorable moment would be when we had a barbeque night. The aroma of food in the air has been just unbelievable. Overall, it was one of the best trips planned with my family. And last but not the least; I would also like to thank my grandparents for making it to this trip in spite of their ill-health."

Whatever experience you share with your friends and family should be treasured and kept close to your heart. In your speech, it should be evident that you have had an amazing time and hence, try to ensure you make no mistakes in your spoken English skills while conversing.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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