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10 Collocations with the word BREAK


Collocations are generally a group of two or more words paired together. One of the best way to make your vocabulary strong is to make collocations. This way you not only learn new words but also learn to pair these words appropriately. If you are a beginner then reading books might help you as they contain plenty of words. Some of the common words which can be used as collocations are:

- Law – Make a law, break a law
- Risk – High risk, low risk
- Conversation – Start a conversation, one sided conversation, etc.

These are the few examples of collocations.Let’s have a look at the collocations with the word break.

10 Collocations with the word break

Word Break

1. Break a bone

Meaning – Injury or fracture in a bone

Example: Messi broke his bone while striking his final goal.

2. Break a promise

Meaning – To not do what you promised

Example: Arpita’s brother broke his promise of getting her an iPhone.

3. Break a record

Meaning - Perform better than the previous record

Example: His motivational saying helped Kirti to break a record in IAS exam.

4. Break the ice

Meaning – Initiate a social interaction

Example: The best way to break the ice is by introducing yourself.

5. Break the rules

Meaning – Do something that is prohibited by a rule

Example: The racer broke the traffic rules in front of a traffic policeman's eye.

6. Break the law

Meaning - To fail to obey a law

Example: If you never break the law, you will never get arrested.

7. Break someone’s heart

Meaning – To cause emotional grief to a person who loves you

Example: Nirav’s heart broke when he came to know that his girlfriend was double dating.

8. Break a habit

Meaning – Stop doing a particular habit

Example: She finally broke the habit of smoking.

9. Break the news to someone

Meaning – tell someone some bad news

Example: After a much long discussion, Hrithik finally broke the news of his separation with Suzzane.

10. Break a code

Meaning - figure out a secret code, so that you can understand the message

Example: The intelligence agents finally broke the enemy's code.

The above collocations are mostly idioms which are used in a conversation by a native speaker. In order to improve your communication skills, you can join a Spoken English course and learn English grammar and its usage with ease.

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- By Shailja Varma

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