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10 Phrases for the Doctor’s Clinic


Visiting a doctor can give you a relief as well as sometimes be nerve wrecking. It is because doctors often use phrases which we are not familiar with. This might make you feel like you are seriously facing a disease or an injury. So, to avoid this feeling, you need to know some common phrases which doctors use while expressing their advice to the patients.

10 phrases used at the Doctor's clinic:

1. It hurts when I press here?

When you sense a pain at a particular place after being injured  , your doctor might press the affected area to know the problem.

Example: My wrist pains when I press on this particular area.

2. I am allergic? 

When your body reacts to a particular food or medicine that you eat, it means you are allergic to that particular food or medicine. In response to this question you can respond, I am allergic to… or I am not allergic to any food or medicine.

Example: I vomit if I eat any food that contains garlic. I think I am allergic to garlic.

3. We need to keep you here overnight under observation

Doctors say this if they need to examine you and make sure you are ok. They might use machines and techniques to monitor your body.

Example: Doctors said she needs to be kept under observation.

4. We will need to run some tests

Tests are undertaken to identify the underlying health problems. Usually, some of the common tests that doctors refer to are blood and urine tests.

Example: Meena is suffering from high temperature since Thursday, I think she needs to run some tests.

5. The operation was a success. There were no complications.

When there is an emergency and an operation is done without any complications then this sentence is used.

Example: The operation was a success, both baby and mother are fine, there were no complications.

Phrases that you need to say:

6. I think I have a muscle pull.

Your body has a point to which you can stretch it and any action beyond it will result in a painful way. To pull a muscle means to extend a muscle beyond the normal point and injure it.

Example: Since yesterday, I am not able to move my neck properly. I think I have pulled a muscle and injured myself.

7. What are the options for my treatment?

Treatment refers to methods for helping you get better from a health problem. Some diseases can be treated completely whereas some cannot be, but their symptoms can be treated and can be made bearable by prescribing appropriate  medicines

Example: Can it be treated? What are the options for my treatment?

8. I would like to get a second opinion

Sometimes, a doctor is not able to give a clear viewpoint about your disease. At this time, you opt for a second opinion and ask other doctors about your health and treatment options.

Example: My family doctor is unable to give a proper viewpoint about my wife’s disease, I think I need to get a second opinion.

9. I have a rash on my thighs, and it’s very itchy

A rash is generally a red, irritated area on the surface of your skin. When you feel itchy, it means you feel a sensation that makes you want to scratch it with your nails.

Example: That rash in my leg is very itchy.

10. That’s a relief!

When you are worried about a certain thing and your doctor gives you a good news about it, you feel a relief.

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- By Chander Madan

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