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Adverbs of manner


English as a language, has many different aspects to learn. It can be related to writing or grammar. You start from the basics by acquiring the knowledge and continue learning until you reach perfection. Practice makes a man perfect holds so true when it comes to learning  a new language. Learning English is a continuous process, you keep on learning new things and gaining knowledge in English. Same way, writing is a continuous process. The more you practice, better you become in your writing skills.

Writers need to be careful with the words they use. A sentence must answer the wh questions – when, how, where and what. You just need to know the grammar and its rules. For all the wh questions you want to answer, you can use an adverb.

What is an adverb?

An adverb transforms a verb by explaining how, where, how many times, at which time and intensity of action.


There are four types of adverbs which explain the above terms clearly

Adverb of manner
Adverb of time
Adverb of frequency
Adverb of place

For now, we will understand what an adverb of manner is.

Adverb of manner:

It explains how the action occurs or occurred or will occur. To be very specific, it explains how something happens.


Anita is running.

Anita is running 'slowly'.

In the first sentence, there is no adverb whereas in the second example the adverb of manner is present. It shows the girl is running, slowly.

Generally, it is easy to recognize an adverb as it comes in “ly” form.

Let’s see more examples:

Sheetal could 'hardly' walk.
She spoke very 'rudely'.
He plays the violin 'beautifully'.
Meena hit the door 'aggressively'.
The tiger was walking 'slowly' towards the deer.

Take the test and check how well you have grasped the concept:

1)Walk ____________ or you may miss the train. (Slowly/sadly/quickly)
2)Ram’s dog follows his instructions ________. (accidently/cutely/obediently)
3)The taxi driver drove very ________. (recklessly/slowly/beautifully)
4)The airplane landed __________ on the runway. (safely/horribly/warmly)
5)She scored well in the exam because she wrote ______. (neatly/slowly/nicely)

Answers: 1. C   2. C   3. A   4. A   5. A

The above examples show the adverb of manner. Understanding it will help you improve your English writing skills. Along with writing skills, it is important to learn speaking English fluently. You can join a Spoken English course and learn English online as well.

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-By Shailja Varma

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