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Common ‘Singular-Plural’ Mistakes – Part I


One of the most common mistakes in the English language is in relation to the singular/ plural agreement. Yes, of course the 'singular and plural' bit of grammar does get a little confusing at times. However, it is up to you to learn, understand and adopt the right way of communicating and writing in the English language. This article will focus on teaching you the same and clearing your doubts when using singular or plural in English. As a fact in English, there are exceptions to this rule as well and it does get puzzling, nevertheless, the most favorable route to attaining flawlessness in the singular and plural arena is by learning through examples.

Singular= A word referring to one object.

Plural= A word referring to more than one object.

The below mentioned examples should give you a good indication of how singular and plural should be used.

Here are the top 10 most common 'singular-plural' errors:

1. Are

Correct: There are numerous issues with the system.

Wrong: There is numerous issues with the system.

2. This

Correct: This is a critical error you've made.

Wrong: These is a critical error you've made.

3. Many of

Correct: Many of the times I have ignored his disgusting behavior.

Wrong: One of the times I have ignored his disgusting behavior.

4. Children

Correct: I have two great children.

Wrong: I have two great childs.

5. People

Correct: At first people get a wrong idea about my personality.

Wrong: At first peoples get a wrong idea about my personality.

6. Number

Correct: The number of times he has repeated the same statement is funny.

Wrong: The numbers of times he has repeated the same statement is funny.

7. Does

Correct: That does not mean that she's lying.

Wrong: That do not mean that she's lying.

8. Hair

Correct: Lately, my hair has begun to fall enormously.

Wrong: Lately, my hairs has begun to fall enormously.

9. Software

Correct: Rajat is a master in Linux and Windows software.

Wrong: Rajat is a master in Linux and Window softwares.

10. Life

Correct: That tornado affected so many lives.

Wrong: That tornado affected so many lifes.

Singulars and plurals are interchangeable depending upon the tense, the amount and the context of the statement. However, are you aware about the fact that some singulars are the same even in their plural version?

For instance:

SINGULAR                PLURAL

1. Deer                     Deer

2. Fish                      Fish

3. Sheep                   Sheep

Similarly, some plurals remain the same in their singular form.

For instance:

SINGULAR                    PLURAL

1. Pajamas                    Pajamas

2. Spectacles                Spectacles

3. Scissors                    Scissors

It does take a while before you gain confidence in speaking in fluent English. However, once you've managed to master the basic ground rules, it will definitely benefit you in the long run. You yourself will notice a significant change in your English communication skills as well as your written English for that matter. So, keep aside all your inhibitions of the English language and embrace this beautiful language with a sense of acquiring and learning more each passing day. In addition, if you wish to leave no stone unturned in your journey of learning English, you could enroll in an English-speaking course online. Doing so will help you cover all the minute details involved in English grammar, which will benefit you in your professional as well as personal life.

We shall discuss more on this topic in our next part. Stay tuned!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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