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Difference between ‘made of’ and ‘made from’


When good things happen in our life, we share it with our closed ones. This is when you use the language closest to you to share your expressions and feelings. How you communicate your feelings in words or sentences is very important. In a professional world, you may make mistakes, especially when it comes to choosing the right words. Let us look at a common mistake that we tend to make.

Made of v/s Made from

made_of and made_from

Have a look at the following explanations to understand the difference between made of and made from:

Made of:

‘Made of’ is used in a sentence when you talk about the basic material or qualities which remains unchanged.


“The human body is made of muscles and tissues”. Here the human body consists of muscles and tissues which do not change when a body is made. They remain as such.

Some more examples:

1) The bags are made of leather.
2) The windows are made of glass.
3) The ship is made of iron.
4) Chairs are made of wood.

‘Made of’ also has the meaning similar to the sentences which consists of ‘composed of’.

Made from:

Made from is used to describe the structure of the material. When the material undergoes a change or transforms from its original form, then we use made from. Here the material is different from what it was originally.

For instance, “the wine is made from grapes”. In this sentence, the grapes were changed into something different i.e., wine.

Let’s take few more examples to understand the concept of ‘made from’.

1) The paper is made from wood.
2) The beer is made from barley and water.
3) Paneer is made from milk.
4) The box is made from aluminium.

Hence we use “made from” when the original material undergoes a significant change before becoming the final product. 

The basic comparison between both lets you understand that made from is used to bring a new change in the material and made of is used when a material remains the same with a little bit of a change.

Test time

Now answer these simple test to know how much you have understood.

1) Cheese is made ___ milk.
2) The building gate is made ____ iron.
3) The comb is made____ plastic.
4) The candle is made ____ wax.
5) The gloves are made ____ wool.

Answers: 1) from, 2) of, 3) of, 4) of, 5) from

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-By Shailja Varma

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