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Have you wondered why it is ‘A banana’ while it is ‘AN apple’. One needs a thorough knowledge of pronouns, adverbs, tenses, adjectives, etc. in order to speak proper and correct English, as these all are a part of English grammar. Without a proper grip on grammar, it is impossible to be able to speak even a few sentences of English correctly. If you are still learning the English language, your chances of making grammatical mistakes are high, but do not lose heart. Learn from your mistakes and improve! With ample practice and correct guidance, one can easily master the language and its grammar.When you say you are ‘learning’ English, what do you mean? Memorizing new words, finding their meaning, and remembering them for future use – this technique is very old, and redundant. This exercise is a great way of improving the vocabulary, but is of no use if you wish to learn and improve grammar.Learning grammar is the key to speaking fluent English. It is a means by which you can give meaning and emotions to your words. Saying a simple ‘thank you’ is effective, but ‘I thank you from the bottom of my heart’ makes it sound so much better!You can learn some basic grammar by following these tips:

· Observe: We said that learning new words will do nothing for your grammar, but it can be of help if you observe how it is used and the words around it. This is a great way of learning the use of pronouns, adverbs, and prepositions. For example, if you read or hear a word like ‘argument’, observe how it is used: ‘It was the last time I got into an argument with you!’ this way you will remember that when you use ‘argument’, you have to use ‘an’ before it.english-grammar-guide

· Use grammar consciously: It is definitely not possible for anyone to know complete grammar, but one can always make an effort. Whenever you speak in English, make a conscious effort to use grammar effectively. It is common for people to overlook common grammar rules, especially when speaking. However, if you continue doing that, you might make it a habit, which will only harm your spoken English.

· Grammar exercises: There are many grammar exercises that you can use to improve and polish your grammar. From online exercises to books filled with such exercises, there are many ways you can learn grammar. Moreover, it gets even better; you can have fun along the way!

· Get a tutor: There is no better way of learning grammar than taking the help of a teacher who is a pro at it. Getting a tutor will also bring some amount of discipline to your learning process.

The best way of learning grammar – Enroll with an online program

Many online English learning programs are available to help people trying to learn English and grammar. Learning English online is extremely useful for people who do not have the time to go for classroom learning. Online English tutors offer a handy and convenient option of learning and improving spoken English.


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