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Figures of speech - Personification


English is a language which is twisted in its rules and usage. Sometimes what you read does not have the same meaning as what you think. Instead, it is very different from what you think. The meaning appears to be figurative and not literal . Figurative language creates visuals in the mind of the reader and it becomes easier for him to relate and understand. It uses words that don't have a literal interpretation. Just  have a look at the example given below:

Kushi sings melodiously. (Literal)
Kushi sings like a nightingale. (Figurative)


This happens when a writer or an author wants to connect with its readers emotionally or with some expressions. A figure of speech is a word that has a figurative meaning. Generally, figures of speech can be seen in poems and expressive speeches as they have a specific and desired effect. There are a number of types of figures of speech, namely, Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Tautology, Repetition, and Personification.

Personification – Basics:

Personification is when a non-living thing, such as an object, is given human or living qualities or abilities. With personification, authors define the object similar to a person by personifying it. When this figure of speech is used in a sentence, you provide lifeless objects with qualities, characters and abilities that are associated with humans. Look at the following image and understand how personification is related.

Now some written examples to make you relate even better:

1. Mumbai, a city that never sleeps.
2. The classroom was as silent as you.
3. Justice is blind.
4. That Barbie looks scary like a ghost.
5. The sunflowers nodded in the stormy wind.

The above examples show how an object is given a human quality. Have a glimpse at the following poem versus and find out the personification:

"Tick…tick… snooze time for night
morning’s face peek.
I Stretch out my wings
a prayer song out my bill
every morning’s ritual.
Across the land dash
where to I sweat my daily bread."

Love and Pain

"Decided to get married
I know it seems strange
For you would have expected
Love and affection to want to tie the knot
After all…they were similar
They socialized in the same set of word families
The artistonyms
Love and passion also wanted
To be forever joined
That everyone condoned and blessed"

Figures of speech play an important role as they give a different expression to the sentence. They fill color in a sentence. It is vital to understand grammar as it helps you to understand the English language better. Learn English and improve your writing skills and reading skills.

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-By Shailja Varma

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