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Homophones you need to know


English language is simple to learn yet is full of confusion. The way we speak or pronounce words might not be exactly the way they are written or spelt. Like for example – psychology where the letter “p” is silent. Or there are some words which are pronounced same but have different spellings and meaning. Such words are called Homophones and often tend to create a lot of confusion. In this blog, we will list some common homophones which you need to know.


7 Homophones you need to know

1. cell/sell

A cell means small room for prisoners or in which a nun or a monk sleeps. A cell is also referred as the smallest parts of living organisms in our body.

E.g. The prisoner has been  given a small cell to spend his tenure.

Whereas, selling refers to the exchange of a product or service for money.

E.g. Ricky wants to sell his new bike.

2. dew, due

Dew means drops of water that form and accumulate on leaves and other outside objects at night specially during winters.

E.g. First thing in the morning I see is the dew drops on my window panes.

Due means a final day which is commonly used to indicate when a baby will probably be born or anything else.

E.g. Neha’s baby is due in December.

3. ate, eight

Ate is the simple past tense of the verb to eat.

E.g. I ate 6 slices of pizza all alone.

Eight is the number before nine and after seven.

E.g. I catch the train at 8 a.m.

4. flour, flower

Flour is a powder made by grinding grains.

E.g. I didn’t have the flour to make the cake.

Flower is the colourful part of a plant.

E.g. I like red flowers.

5. one, won

One is a number after zero and before two.

E.g. The number one movie this year has crossed 500 crores.

Won is the simple past and past participle of win.

E.g. They won $10 million in a game.

6. meat, meet

Meat is the flesh of an animal.

E.g. I don’t like eating meat.

When you are introduced to a person it can be referred as a meet.

E.g. I would like to meet him in personal.

7. fairy, ferry

Fairy is a mythical creature that has or can do magics.

E.g. During my childhood, my grandmother used to tell us fairy tales.

A ferry is a boat which helps move passengers and vehicles across the water.

E.g. My cousins wanted a ferry ride so we decided to go with them.

There are many homophones which create confusion. Few amongst them are listed above. Try to understand their meaning and use them while speaking or writing to improve your English-speaking skills. You can also join an online Spoken English program to learn in details.

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-By Chander Madan

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