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How to describe your day with phrasal verbs?


Phrasal verbs are a combination of words which consist of a verb and a preposition or a combination of verb and adverb. When these words are combined, they usually give a different meaning. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are using some common phrasal verbs in our day to day life. To know and understand those common phrasal verbs we are here to help you out. Today, we will provide you phrasal verbs that are used in our day to day life.

10 daily phrasal verbs you must know

1. Stock up

Meaning - To buy groceries or some other things in bulk or large quantity.

Example – The weather department has forecasted heavy to very heavy snowfall for next 48 hours. I think we should stock up groceries before things worsen.

2. Perk up

Meaning - to wake up or become alert.

Example –A cup of strong coffee and newspaper helps me perk up for the day.

3. Warm up

Meaning – Warm up means to stretch and prepare the body for the workout.

Example –I am planning to start workout from this New Year. Can you help me with some warm up exercises

4. Dash off

Meaning – Rush to some place

Example - I dash off to work at seven-thirty am sharp.

5. Flesh out

Meaning - To ideate and describe in detail

Example - I flesh out ideas for a new project after my presentation.

6. Come up with

Meaning - To work on or prepare

Example – My boss asked me to come up with some quick marketing strategies.

7. Wrap up

Meaning - To wind up or finish

Example –I think after shooting this scene we will need to wrap up.

8. Heat up

Meaning – To warm up

Example –Hey Meena, can you please heat up my lunch?

9. Look through

Meaning – To have a look or scan

Example - I look through the newspaper headlines and then start my day.

10. Doze off

Meaning – To go to sleep

Example – Hey Krish, what’s your New Year plan? Nothing much, I think I’ll doze off early.

Hope the above explanation was fulfilling for you to understand about phrasal verbs which are essential part of your day-to-day communication. You will understand these phrasal verbs when you will be aware of their meaning and use them appropriately. You can join a spoken English course to help clear your basic concepts of English and grammar.

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- By Chander Madan

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