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How to improve your grammar and comprehension for Entrance exams?


Over the years, English has evolved as the most popular and relevant language in entrance exams and in almost all spheres. In a competitive world like this, not having an appropriate know how of the English language will reduce your chances of growth and success. This article will guide you through the appropriate use of basic English and how to prepare and learn English for competition based entrance exams.

Entrance exams are one of the toughest to crack! And in terms of English, well, you need to have an appropriate hold on your vocabulary, communication skills as well as grammar. Let's study each of these one by one, which should give you a better understanding of the same.

1. Improving your vocabulary: You need to develop the desire to learn and acquire new words while improving your English communication skills. Building an exceptional vocabulary is completely in your hands. You can improve your vocabulary in a few months if you make earnest efforts toward using those words in your day-to-day communication. Be an active learner by reading English newspapers, watching and observing English channels and movies, trying to pick up words from there. You could also follow vocabulary lists having examples of usage as well.

2. Grammar practice: Just like maths, grammar too can be improved simply by practice. It is crucial for you to learn and understand the basic rules and concepts by doing your share of research and study on the same. You could also sign up for an English training course to help you learn and strengthen your foundation in English grammar. Read up as much as possible on the principles and rules laid down and make sure to prepare towards acing in your grammar section of the examination.

3. Comprehension Tools: Understand the fact that to score well in comprehension, your vocabulary has to be flawless and impeccable! This is one section of the paper that you have the scope to score full marks in, if your vocabulary is well-updated and you manage to understand the passage given. Many a times, since this section is extremely easy, the examiner gives a passage that is dominated with complicated and unfamiliar words to raise the difficulty bar. Fear not and read more to improve your vocabulary as far as possible while studying English.

Let's now take a look at some of the tips that you could pay heed to while preparing in English for your entrance exams:

1. Only a good listener can be a good speaker! Follow that rule and you'll be fine in your personal interview.

2. If you want to answer all the questions asked to you in fluent English, while preparing for the exams 'read aloud'. Practicing this regime of reading aloud English from newspapers and magazines will exercise your tongue and enable you to pronounce correctly!

3. Always study to improve your vocabulary as doing so will help you converse without hesitation and fear. Understand and don't disregard the fact that you can express yourself only if you know enough words.

All the best and remember to maintain a positive attitude during the written examination and a confident smile during the one-on-one personal interview of the exam!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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