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How to Use the Word “Go”?


English is a globally spoken language, and hence the number of individuals interested in learning and improving this language is growing day by day. Grammar is the backbone of the language and therefore its understanding is as important to improve writing and speaking skills. But English is a kind of a language that has many grammar rules and exceptions to it, which actually creates confusion. Most words have more than one usage.

One such word is “go” that is used in unusual ways and expressions, not just the general meaning.  Let’s learn the usage of the word “go” along with its meaning and expressions that are associated with it.

go green

5 ways of using the word “Go”

1. Go with activities

We use “go” to explain that we are doing an activity and not just a single action.  We use it with go + ing noun or go (out) + for a + noun.


a - I go walking every day.
b - Do you want to go for a movie?
c - They went for a long ride.

2. Go with directions and transport

Many a times, we have given wrong direction while helping others with address. We can make it easier by using the word go. It can be used for asking your destination and also while giving directions to others.


a - Is this bus going to NCR?
b - If you are going through the highway, could you please drop me at Neelam Nagar?

 While giving directions, use go with a preposition.


a - Excuse me, how do I get to Airport road Metro station?
b - You can go straight till the circle, then go left and your destination will be on left.

one word go

3. Go with adjectives

We use go with adjectives to express a change of something. Here the meaning of the word go can be considered as “become”.


a - Go bald – These days people are going bald for a good cause.
b - Go green –With the increasing global warming and pollution, I think going green will be helpful.
c - Go crazy – She went crazy when she finally met her favorite actor.

These were the three uses of the word “Go”.  We will explain the other uses in our next blog – How to use the word Go – Part 1? Until then stay tuned and keep practicing English and improve your English fluency skills with a Spoken English course.

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- By Chandar Madan

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