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How to write payment reminders?


For a business owner or entrepreneur, one of the most difficult tasks faced by him/ her is dealing and tackling customers who have passed their due dates. Undoubtedly, asking for payments could get a little daunting yet that is the need of the hour. While asking for your payments, make sure to be firm with an underlying effect of politeness. It is crucial for you to understand that it is a delicate subject and the balance is a chord that can be struck only by you.

The below points will specify all the important elements that should be mentioned in the letter and the subtle yet stern tone that you should adopt to get the best results.

1. Don't delay in drafting the reminder: Many a times, customers might delay the payment for lame reasons such as forgetting about the money involved between the two parties, or thinking that the payment has already been made. These are the instances that take place majority of the times and hence, it is crucial for you to write and send a gentle and friendly reminder.

2. Clarity & Conciseness: Keep the English language simple and to the point. Understand the fact that the letter is about a delicate matter and hence, refrain from using overly flowery language as doing so is bound to affect the clarity of the letter. Using basic English, write exactly to the point in as few words as possible. This will certainly draw your letter more importance and get you a quick, timely response.

3. Take the detailed route: Yes, your letter is about informing the person that he/she owes you money. However, it is vital for you to specify the exact amount and date the money was due on to express the delay in time and underline the fact that your company maintains a great professional record till date.

4. Give information galore: Be proactive and inform the customer of the interest measured on the amount owed. You could also include a revised invoice attached to the payment reminder. Include all the updates and changes in the payment reminder to ward off any undesired confusions.

5. Mention the consequences: Using a little firmness in your words, outline and spell out the consequences they will have to face if the nonpayment continues. The consequences vary from company to company, so check your company laws and describe the subsequent steps that could be taken against the individual.

While drafting a reminder regarding payment, make sure to smartly use your English communication skills to play with the words and make it sound simplified. Avoid using extravagant language as that would cause unwanted confusion. At the same time, you could give the individual other payment alternatives such as online payments to enable him/ her to take action immediately. Your letter should display professionalism and seriousness. In addition, make sure the letter is drafted in fluent English and avoid making silly grammatical errors. Secure the reader's attention by following a strict professional lingo and underline the seriousness of the issue, if it has to be repeated in the future. Also, as far as possible, try to ensure the individual that your company still holds the same respect for him/her and earnestly hope such a faulty mistake does not repeat in the future.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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