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Learn About Anagrams with Easy Examples


Languages often play a major role in one’s life. There are many languages in the world which help us to communicate with each other. One such language is English, which is globally used for communication. Therefore, it is imperative to learn and understand each and every aspect of English. You might never know when it might come handy. For example, take the word Angel. Can we form any other word with the same alphabets? Yes, absolutely. It is angle. Angel-Angle are two different words having the same alphabets. These words are called as anagrams. And in today’s blog we will explain more about anagrams.


What are anagrams?

Anagram is an arrangement of letters of a word or phrase in such a way that a new word or phrase is formed. It demonstrates a skill with words and wordplay. Interesting part is you must use each and every letter of the word to form an anagram, without repetition. Basically, you can only use the letters in the word and rearrange them to form another word or phrase.

Types of Anagrams

1. Word to word anagrams

In word to word anagrams, you take one word and anagram it to form another word.


Listen– silent

Artist - traits

Admirer - married

Auctioned - cautioned

Caller - recall

Medical – claimed

2. Phrase to word anagrams

In phrase to word, anagrams are formed by merging phrases to form a word.


Voices rant on – conversation

Ill fed – filled

Main race – American

Life’s aim – families

A tonic – action

3. Word to phrase anagrams

In word to phrase anagrams, a word is taken to form a phrase.


Mother-in-law – woman Hitler

Evangelist – evil’s agent

Dormitory – dirty room

Astronomer – moon starer

Schoolmaster – the classroom

4. Phrase to phrase anagrams

In this type of anagram, we can use phrases to form other phrasal anagrams.


Vacation time - I am not active

Eleven plus two - twelve plus one

A rolling stone gathers no moss - stroller, go on, amasses nothing

A decimal point - I'm a dot in place

Payment received - every cent paid me

Let’s have a look at the anagrams of names:

William Shakespeare - I'll make a wise phrase

Adolf Hitler - Do real filth

Tom Cruise - So I'm cuter

Hope the above examples explained you about the anagrams. A new word is formed from the rearrangement of word. Keep reading newspaper, books and improve your vocabulary. A spoken English course will help you to advance your English speaking skills and enhance your communication skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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