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Learn about gender nouns with examples


In English language, we have words to describe every particular thing in this world. May it be a person or an animal, we have names for every species. Although, when it comes to gender, many people find it difficult to understand the noun gender. So, in this blog, we will explain gender nouns for all English learners.


Types of gender nouns

There are four types of gender nouns which will be explained below:

1. Masculine gender

We say a noun is a masculine gender if a noun refers to a male character or member of species.

King, horse, actor, man, lion, hero, boy etc. are nouns of the masculine gender.


A King rules his empire.

The hero in the movie looks good.
That little boy is so cute.
The words king, hero and boy are masculine gender nouns.

2. Feminine gender

We say a noun is a feminine gender if a noun refers to a female character or member of species. Empress, cow, actress, woman, lioness, heroine, girl, mare, niece etc. are nouns of feminine gender.


The actress in Raees movie hails from Pakistan.

The woman wearing a pink dress, is my friend.
Do you want to see my niece?
The words actress, woman and niece are feminine gender nouns.

3. Common gender

We say a noun is a common gender if a noun refers to a member of species which can be a male or a female.

Servant, member, parliamentarian, leader, friend, applicant, candidate, child, student etc. are nouns of common gender.


Every leader must know what to say and what not to say.

Shruti, meet my new college friend.
That child is very bright in academics.
The words leader, friend and child are common gender nouns.

4. Neuter gender

We say a noun is a neuter gender if it refers to a member species which is neither a male or a female.

street, book, car, school, chair, table, tree, paper, pencil, computer, star, mountain etc. are nouns of neuter gender.


I enjoying driving a car.

The computer is faster than human.
Have you ever counted stars in the sky?
The words car, computer, stars are neuter gender nouns.

Below are some masculine genders and their respective feminine genders:

Bullock – Heifer

Drone – Bee

Horse – Mare

Jew – Jewess

Benefactor – Benefactress

Duck - Duchess

Hope the above explanation helped you in understanding gender nouns. Keep practicing these gender nouns and improve your communication skills by using them appropriately. You can study them with the help of an online English guide that will help you improve and develop your English grammar skills.  

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-By Shailja Varma

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